Press Releases

Press Releases

DiabetesSisters Volunteer Leaders Selected to Attend 2018 Leadership Institute
April 18, 2018

DiabetesSisters Welcomes New Board Members Rita Kalyani, MD and Frank Lavernia, MD
January 23, 2018

Ninth Weekend for Women Welcomes Over 150 Attendees
October 25, 2017

DiabetesSisters hosts 3rd Annual Leadership Institute
October 23, 2017

DiabetesSisters Welcomes Program Manager to Oversee Social Media Engagements
September 5, 2017

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly Show Commitment to Women with Diabetes at 2017 DiabetesSisters Leadership Institute
May 10, 2017

27 DiabetesSisters PODS Leaders Selected to Attend 2017 Leadership Institute
March 30, 2017

DiabetesSisters Directs Efforts to Educate about Diabetes and Heart Disease
March 27, 2017

DiabetesSisters Recognizes 2017 Brandy Barnes Scholarship Awardees
March 15, 2017

Dexcom Inc. Presents DiabetesSisters' Weekend for Women Conference; Weekend offers women opportunity to gain knowledge, share experiences and transform lives in diabetes
March 2, 2017

DiabetesSisters Awarded Grant from Dexcom One Step Ahead Foundation: Employee Foundation Provides Funding to Diabetes Advocacy Organizations
November 22, 2016

DiabetesSisters Among Recipients of Big Blue Test from Diabetes Hands Foundation: Up to $15,000 Awarded to Three Diabetes Organizations
October 11, 2016

DiabetesSisters Welcomes New Board Members Deborah A. Greenwood and Michele Polz
October 5, 2016

23 Inspiring Women Living with Diabetes will Attend 2016 DiabetesSisters Leadership Institute September 30 – October 2
September 21, 2016

DiabetesSisters and the Society for Women’s Health Research Release A Report On Women and Diabetes
August 2, 2016 

DiabetesSisters Recognizes Inaugural Brandy Barnes Scholarship Winners
July 27, 2016

DiabetesSisters Appoints Erika Armani, PODS Leader, to Board of Directors
May 9, 2016

DiabetesSisters Kicks Off New Initiative for Women of Color with Diabetes
March 29, 2016

DiabetesSisters Advances Signature Programs, Strategic Direction with New Director of Operations
March 3, 2016

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