2014 Weekend for Women Setting Up Fundraising Page - Washington, DC

2014 Weekend for Women Setting Up Fundraising Page - Washington, DC

Would you like to raise funds to cover your registration fee ($200) at the 2014 Weekend for Women Conference WHILE ALSO raising funds to help another woman with diabetes (who is less fortunate) to attend the Conference? You can, and it’s never been easier! Any funds raised over the $200 non-refundable registration fee will fund scholarships for the Weekend for Women Conference and expansion other core programs like our signature PODS Meetup Program.  So, it’s time to ask your circle of family, friends and co-workers to assist in funding this incredible experience for you.  All participants who raise over $200 will receive a special DiabetesSisters’ memento and also receive public recognition at the Conference.

Detailed instructions are also available here: 

1. RESERVE YOUR SPOT at the 2014 Weekend for Women Conference in Washington, DC, the weekend of April 25-27. On the registration site, you will be able to set a fundraising goal (we have set it at $200 but you may adjust it to meet your personal goals) and create a unique web link to share with your circle of friends. You may register as an invididual or register yourself and your partner for the Partner's Perspective Program.

2. Under the “My Webpage” tab, you will be able to PERSONALIZE YOUR WEBPAGE. Please take the opportunity to tell YOUR story about living with diabetes. Most people are unaware of the day-to-day requirements of diabetes management, so share this on your page. Share photos. Share some of the challenges you have overcome. Share your reasons for attending this life-changing, inspiring weekend. People GIVE to people, so hearing something from your heart is a critical component is getting people to donate to you.

3. Next, SEND PERSONALIZED EMAILS to friends, family and coworkers. Put together a template email (which should be sent from YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNT) The email should be brief (a paragraph or less) and it should explain:

  1. how diabetes impacts your life on a daily basis
  2. your personal health goals for 2014 (i.e. lowering A1C, being more physically active, growing your support network, attending this Conference)
  3. how donations of every size from friends and family will help you meet your goals
  4. where they can go to make a donation to your specific page (provide the link to your personal fundraising page)

NOTE: Don’t be surprised if you have to send them multiple times before you get a response.  The average person has to hear/receive something seven times before it sinks in! Each time you send an email, remember to share the link to your personal fundraising page so they can easily support you! Provide updates on your fundraising success and ask them to help make a difference in your life.

4. VERY IMPORTANT! Post your fundraising goal and request for support on your social media pages (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). The most successful fundraisers add compelling stories, milestones achieved in diabetes, and personal goals for their health. If you do not have a social media page, ask a relative or friend who does and can help you promote your cause.

5. ATTEND THE WEEKEND FOR WOMEN CONFERENCE - see old friends, make new ones, experience the power of Sisterhood, and when you return from this incredible weekend, proudly share photos and stories with your supporters! 


Remember, all donations over $200 are tax-deductible and help DiabetesSisters expand current and future programs. Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with the Weekend for Women Conference. With the help of generous donors, we are able to offer Conference attendees a subsidized registration rate. Your commitment to DiabetesSisters allows us to continue to offer quality programming, in-person and online.