Can I Prevent Hypoglycemic Sweats?

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Can I Prevent Hypoglycemic Sweats?


Question: When I am low (meter reads low so its below 20 mg/dL) and I get a quick fix and everything turns out OK, I still suffer the sweats afterwards. Is there any way to stop the sweats when you know they will be coming on?




Answer: My best advice would be monitor more closely in order to prevent the lows, since the sweats are related to your blood sugar dropping too low. Have you discussed Continuous Glucose Monitoring with your Endocrinologist? This sounds like it may be a good option for you since you may not be sensing when you are starting to get a low. Preventing your lows should be the focus instead of reacting to the symptoms caused by the lows. 


Additionally, be sure to review your medication/insulin regimen and food intake with your MD and Diabetes educator/Dietitian to ensure you are doing everything possible to avoid these hypoglycemic episodes from occuring.


Good luck and best wishes!