Does it matter which finger I use for testing?

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Does it matter which finger I use for testing?


I'm newly diagnosed and brand-new to DiabetesSisters! I was in the hospital (unrelated) but they got my blood sugar under control within 2 weeks; I went from 330 down to within "normal" range! Woo hoo!! My question is more one of confusion... Why does it make a difference which finger we use for testing? I'll check on my index finger and it'll be 50 points higher than when I immediately recheck it on my third or fourth finger! And this morning I tested on my right fourth/ring finger and it was 218 but when I then checked it on my left hand/fourth finger it came down to 167! I'm sooooo confused!! This is sorta freaking me out! Can you please help a newbie like me understand this?

Thanks soooo very kindly!!



Hi Lisa!

The blood glucose variation can be quite confusing, not to mention frustrating! There can be as much as a 20% variation from finger to finger as well as with different meters. Everyone’s blood glucose varies from moment to moment. It is not a constant number. Keeping a check on your A1C every 3 months will ensure that your numbers are where they need to be. If the A1C does not match the numbers you are getting at home, then it could be a meter issue which opens another can of worms. Hand lotions, even sanitizers and things we pick up with our fingers can influence the outcome of a finger stick. The best way to handle this finger sticking issue is to make sure your fingers are clean before you stick and just check one finger and go with that number. If you keep checking all your fingers, you will drive yourself nuts!

Good Luck!