It's Flu Season - Information about Vaccinations

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It's Flu Season - Information about Vaccinations

Question:  Hello Diabetes Sisters, my name is Karen and I have had diabetes for 10 years.  My doctor told me I need to get vaccinated against the flu especially since I have diabetes.  I want to read more information on the vaccines. Can you provide information on this for me?


Answer:  What timely questions you have Karen!  Every year the Center for Disease Control and Prevention publishes Information specific for the flu season.  Information in this report includes facts such as:


Who should get a flu shot?
Why get vaccinated?
Information on the types of vaccine.
Who should not get vaccinated?

Information on live intranasal vaccine (This vaccine is sprayed into the nose) can be found at:

Information on the Influenza Vaccine (flu shot) can be found at:

In the links I gave you, you will find information on which type of vaccine is appropriate for whom. Please note that an annual vaccination is recommended for most people since the viruses are ever changing. Scientists try to match the vaccine to the viruses that are most likely to cause the flu for that year.   Remember that it takes up to two weeks to develop protection from the flu once you have received your vaccination.  Please call your physician/ health care team to answer any more questions you have.

Thanks for the great question!