Kidney Problems and Type 2- what to eat?

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Kidney Problems and Type 2- what to eat?


I have recently been put on a low potassium diet. Most of the foods I have been told to avoid do not mesh with the typical diabetic diet, whole wheat in particular. Is there a place to find information that pertains to a diabetic with kidney problems? I wear an insulin pump, have type 2, and am 60.




Thank you so much for your question. In addition to modifying your carbohydrate intake (to help control your blood sugars) , there are several other dietary parameters which you may need to follow if you also have kidney disease. If you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), please make sure that your doctor specifically outlines what you need to modify, in terms of your dietary intake. Other possible dietary modifications include: protein, sodium, fluid and phosphorus. Of course, this is extremely individualized. It becomes particularly challenging to reduce your protein and fiber (which is found in many high potassium foods) consumption when you are trying to regulate your blood sugars. is a fabulous site that explores all aspects of kidney disease, including diet and diabetes. You’ll find great recipes and tips for cooking, as well as support for daily life with kidney disease. Also, check out the National Institute of Health site, which has very useful information. . I strongly suggest meeting with a nutrition profession (registered dietitian) and certified diabetes educator, who can help you devise a meal plan to fit your medical needs as well as food preferences. Talk to your doctor about participating in an exercise program. It’s so important to enjoy every day to the fullest, while staying healthy and doing the things that you enjoy! Please stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing.


Susan Weiner, RD, MS, CDE, CDN