Is There Any Hope?

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Is There Any Hope?


I have been battling diabetes for the past 12 years.  My late mother had it, and I have been having bad control.  I have two kids that are alive, and three still births. I want to be pregnant again and have not been able to get pregnant after loosing my last baby. I weigh 88, waist 43cm, age 38, height 5ft.  Furthermore, I was just diagnosed and told that drugs cannot work for me, only injectable insulin.  I have a treadmill at home. Please help me. I don’t want to die now.

Thank you,

Battling Diabetes



Dear Battling Diabetes,

First and foremost I want you to know that there is ALWAYS HOPE!

It sounds like you have been through a LOT . . . and that the few brief pieces or your story, that you share, are only the beginning.  You are a very tiny lady . . . and although you do not share the reasons why, it is important for you to find the help and guidance you need so that your body can grow strong and receive the nourishment it needs. Taking insulin is a very important part of nourishing your body, and lack of insulin only makes matters worse. Without insulin your body cannot grow strong.

And, while nourishing your body is essential, nourishing your heart is even more important, because you cannot have a strong and healthy body without a healthy heart.  By “heart” I do not mean your heart that pumps blood . . .  I mean your heart and soul where everything that matters lives. You must honor your heart in order to honor your body, and healing comes when you honor all the things about you that are good and beautiful . . . as well as the things you try not to think about.

You have a very special purpose and reason for being here . . . and someplace inside you know why. Allow your heart to connect with that purpose, find a Dietitian who is also a Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Doctor who specializes in diabetes, that you feel comfortable with. Find someone who can help you discover ways to transform your loss into something that is greater than could otherwise be possible. And, BELIEVE in the beauty of who you are.

From My Heart to Yours,