What issues besides caloric intake and exercise may be affecting my weight loss efforts?

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What issues besides caloric intake and exercise may be affecting my weight loss efforts?


I am 29 years old and I have had diabetes for 16 years now. I utilize pump therapy. I am struggling to lose weight and getting frustrated with my lack of progress despite restricting caloric intake and exercising. What other issues do I need to consider to make my efforts effective?





Losing weight can be difficult when you also have diabetes and are trying to juggle insulin, food and activity. I am assuming you take insulin given your age and when you were diagnosed. Theoretically, if the calories consumed exceed the calories burned, you will gain weight and if the calories are equal (consumed and burned), you will not lose weight. Try keeping food records so that you can assess what you are eating as far as how much and the exercise you are doing. Writing down every morsel that you eat or drink can be very enlightening as far "finding "extra calories you weren't aware of. Research has shown that individuals who keep food records are more successful at weight loss. If you are having lows due to exercise and are having to eat to get your BG back up, you may need to decrease your insulin to avoid those lows. Again, it is a balance of these 3 components. You may want to meet with a dietitian who understands diabetes to assess the calories, exercise and insulin. As far as the exercise component, I do not know what you are currently doing but you may need to do more like exercising 6 days a week to aid in weight loss. If you have dieted a lot in the past, your metabolic rate may have decreased. This means the number of calories you need to survive is low and to increase that, you need more activity. Also if you have just started exercising, it can take as long as 3-6 months to see weight or size changes. Initially when people start exercising they see a weight increase as they are replacing fat with muscle and muscle weighs more than fat but typically after 3-6 months you see a change in your dimensions. If you are confident that your calories going in are not greater than what you are using and are not fighting the "having to eat" to exercise issue, consult with your healthcare provider. People with Type 1 diabetes have a higher incidence of thyroid issues, but it could also be something else. Good luck!