25 Week Appointment

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25 Week Appointment

April 25, 2011

This week not much has changed with the pregnancy nor with diabetes. It seems that I’m now on the uphill climb in basal rates and insulin-to-carb ratios to try to keep my bgs from being on their own incline. We did, however, have our OB check up on Thursday so I’ll recap on how things went for that visit.


We came in and did our usual wait for the doctor. The pre-visit blood draw was the same as they were going to test my A1c yet again (which I still do not understand why they have to check that every month… it’s a 3 month test, right?) except this time I asked for them to keep up with TSH, the thyroid hormone. My thinking is if I’m becoming insulin resistant and need more and more insulin, and the TSH typically increases later in pregnancy as well, why not keep up with that as well? So, since my veins were at their mercy, I let them grab an extra tube full to be sent off if the doctor so wished…and he did, thank goodness.


My weight is finally past my starting weight, and actually to the plus about 2 pounds, so the OB was actually happy with that. Not saying I wasn’t gaining weight as I should before, but I guess because I had lost so much in the beginning, the wanted to be sure I stayed on the increase now. Which is starting to be a hard thing for me to accept. I don’t want to see the scale because I’ve always been cautioned about weight gain and it scares me. But just like the increase in insulin, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not because I’m being a bad diabetic, it’s because I’m pregnant – I’m growing another little person, and with that comes a whole new world and perspective on what’s “good” or “not-so-good” with everything.


(Speaking of increased insulin, what is shocking to me and so hard to get over is that the meals that used to only take, say 5-7u of insulin to cover, now take 8-13u. And pasta?? OH. MY. WORD!!! We ate out at Olive Garden for my mother-in-law’s birthday this past weekend and I got what I thought wouldn’t be that much insulin to take, but after calculations? It ended up being 16.6u of insulin!!! I was floored! I have never in my life had to take that much at once for a meal. Granted, I did my combo bolus as usual for pasta and it turned out actually pretty well as I didn’t spike above 160 (SCORE!) and didn’t crash later (DOUBLE SCORE!!). Granted, it’s not always like that, but the spikes are getting better with the changes my endo suggested last week.)


When the OB came in, he looked over my chart, did some measurements, and basically said that I was doing very well with the pregnancy as far as he could tell and to schedule an appointment at four weeks. I asked why four and not two as I was told we’d step up to after this one, and he said that things are looking great, and he doesn’t see the need for me to come back that soon, but to know that after that, the appointments would probably increase really fast until I was coming twice a week just for non-stress testing on me and the baby. We also asked if he thought I’d go full term, and he said maybe, but we might only go 39 weeks depending on my health and the size of the baby. So, we might actually have a July boy instead of an August one. He cautioned me to go see an ophthalmologist to be sure I can push if we were to either go into labor naturally or be induced, so that will be yet another appointment I will be setting up here shortly.


So, the short, simple version is that we are doing well. Hopefully I’ll get my test results back this week and I can update you on that this weekend, as well as my endo appointment that I have coming up on Thursday.