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35 Weeks - Sarah


July 6, 2011


Wow, what a week! Or.. past couple of weeks, should I say. I have “fallen off the wagon” yet again and forgot to post last week. But, we are now in the home-stretch at 35 weeks, with only a week and a half left until BabyK is full term, and only 31 more days – One month exactly - until my due date!!


Time has seemed to both creep by and fly by. My excitement to see this little being that has been growing inside of me for the past 8 ½ months is making the wait so hard to do, yet at the same time, the moments where he’s rolling and kicking and punching (silly as it sounds) as still precious to me, and I want to hold on to them, which is making the time fly. I want to selfishly keep him to myself a little longer. Not to keep family away, but because once he’s out – he’s out… in the world… where all kinds of dangers are… where I can’t protect him like I can now. And sometimes that makes me go insane to think about.

Yet at the same time, I wonder with my steadily increased basal rates, bolus ratios, blood sugars, and all that awesome diabetes stuff, is it really that safe for him in there now anyway? So while I want to keep him inside to keep him protected from things like sickness, germs, crazy people, etc, I want him out too to keep him protected from what my diabetes and difficult control could do to him physically.

My twice-weekly NST’s (non-stress tests) have been going great as it seems the Braxton-Hicks contractions aren’t as frequent as they used to be. I still have them randomly, but none have been enough to cause alarm to call the OB again. And despite the 7pounds plus of fluid I have retained in just this week alone (hello 24/7 balloon feet and hands!), my blood pressure has been staying relatively normal, so they aren’t looking at preeclampsia as a complication at this time.  

My next appointment will be on the 14th, where they will then discuss mine and his health and we’ll either discuss a delivery date or keep things going as they are with once weekly OB visits. While I’m glad this has been as normal of a pregnancy as any long-term diabetic could ever ask for, I am freaked out by the fact that they aren’t following everything closer. I know they are the doctors and they see this everyday, but I am new to this whole ballpark and I’m really freaked out that they haven’t done any extra ultrasounds or anything to check things like his weight or his heart again or anything.

I will post again later this week, probably Friday, to catch up somewhat on my posts. I’ll share my first ever puffy-preggo-beach vacation stories with you, so check back later!