Almost There!

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Almost There!

Tomorrow, we will have made it to 38 weeks. Though we weren't sure if that would be the case Wednesday night. 


All day Wednesday, I was having contractions off and on. By Wednesday night, they were timeable and somewhat increasing. So, after timing for a little over two hours, I decided it may be a safe thing to just go in and be checked. I was taken in, hooked up and monitored for about two hours. And while the contractions were those that looked like real labor contractions, they weren't. I had not dilated at all, so I was sent home with an Ambien to help me relax and sleep, and ordered to keep my appointment for the next day.

Thursday, I got to sleep in because since I had been monitored past midnight, I wasn't required to go to my NST appointment for monitoring. Even still, I slept a bit late and ended up rushing to the doctor's office. When I got there, and was seen, I still hadn't dilated anymore, even with the contractions all night long.

The ruling is that unless I go in to natural labor on my own, they are not willing to induce earlier than when I pass the 39 week mark (which will be next Saturday), and only when my cervix is favorable to do so. Otherwise, doing so will put me at a higher risk of a cesarian section, which they only want to do as a last resort. Currently, everything is still too up-in-the-air to make any sort of plans, so we're at a stand-still until this coming Thursday's appointment.

As far as my blood sugars, I have noticed that I'm not as insulin-resistant as before. My blood sugars are staying in the 60-90 range pre-meal, and peaking only up to the 120-140 range, which seems great and may even seem to be "normal", but when you have two weeks of blood sugars that are simply resistant to almost any correction and seem to be magnetized to the 200 range, it's an odd feeling to suddenly be back in a good range. It's almost like my body is starting to go back to a more normal reaction, not a "I'm-seriously-pregnant-and-I-hate-insulin" mode. I've almost gained a few hours of insulin reservoir in my pump!

Speaking of insulin pumps and devices, I have thoroughly enjoyed having a pump during this pregnancy. I have stated in my own personal blog, I honestly have the deepest admiration for those who go through a pregnancy on MDI. Even more so for those who do not have the luxury of using a continuous glucose monitor. I know that pregnancy is doable without these devices, but I count myself blessed to have had access to them.

So, we officially have one full week left until BabyK arrives. We're almost there!!! I'll post my last post before he's born (unless he comes sooner) this coming week after my OB appointment when we know more. :-)