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Beach baby

June 20, 2011

Taking my diabetes on the road.

It is not easy being a diabetic away from home.  I did workout the traveling with my insulin and Victoza.  An ice pack in my carrying case worked wonders.  Packed my pills as normal and off we went. 

First thing Friday, I was late getting to my friend's house so I didn't stop to get something to eat.  Problem number one.  Being at the mercy of someone else is something else to take into consideration when traveling.  There was a hard and fast rule that there was to be no eating in the car.  Hmmm...Now what?  Thankfully my fellow travelers were willing to stop and let me grab something quick and eat it outside of the car of course.  Another consideration is the eateries of choice.  Just because everyone else is willing and able to eat out all the time and don't have to worry about where, you still do.  Again, being at the mercy of your travel companions.  So this is something I found out this weekend.  Even though I had prepared for some aspects of the highs and low and considerations of diabetes, I had a new set to take into consideration.  Another lesson learned. It is a neverending series of lessons with this condition.  But thankfully, we have a disease that has a lot of attention, a lot of research, and many ways to manage.  So even when we find ourself in unfamiliar terriority and unprepared, we still have things we can do to adapt and still have a great time relaxing with friends on the beach.