Beginning of the End

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Beginning of the End

This week I've officially entered the third trimester.  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to check on our little girl.  After that, I start going to the doctor biweekly.  I am still changing my pump site every three days or less.  My diabetes management is at an all time high, including checking my blood sugar from 6-15 times a day and taking my insulin up to 45 minutes before a precisely carb counted meal.  And my diet is roughly the same everyday with little variation. 


Things are going to really start picking up for me between the doctors' appointments and all of our weekends filled with baby events.  Later this month I have my baby shower with my family, and next month we have our childbirth and newborn classes.  My calendar is basically filled up from now until the first of May.  And after that begins the waiting game until her arrival or May 28th at the latest.  And this past weekend I went to a consignment sale and got enough clothes for my little girl to wear until she's 5-years-old.  I've never felt so busy in my life, and for someone I haven't even met yet! 


More than ever before, managing my diabetes has become a full-time job.  I've found that counting the carbs that I eat is essential to keeping my numbers in check, especially in the morning when my need for insulin is at its highest.  My usual routine has become to check my blood sugar first thing in the morning and take my insulin for the same breakfast I have almost everyday (one frozen waffle, peanut butter, blueberries, and a glass of milk = 40g carbs) and go about my day getting ready for work.  By the time I actually eat my breakfast, it's been 40 minutes since I've bolused.  Any other time of the day, this process would send me plummeting into a low.  But I seem to need that kick start in insulin to start my day. 


I'm trying to get in as much exercise as I physically can these days.  If the weather is nice outside, I like to take my dogs walking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.  Anything more demanding than that makes my legs burn and my sides cramp.  Carrying around an extra 25 lbs in my midsection makes my body unable to do the things I used to.  Other than that, I try to catch a pilates classes when I can or make my exercise a part of my daily tasks like grocery shopping or cleaning the house.  I also like to try to relax when I can, because I know that's just as good for the baby as getting exercise.  I even indulged in a pregnancy massage at a local spa. 


So between the increased frequency in doctors' appointments and my ever-filling calendar, my life feels like I'm running a marathon and I'm going to collapse at the finish line.  My diabetes management requires intense attention these days, and I still have my bad days for sure.  But I've learned to let those episodes go because dwelling on them prevents me from moving forward.  I'm hoping to be able to put my feet up for a few more weeks before her arrival, but I guess that all depends on how impatient she is to be here.