Blue Morpho

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Blue Morpho


June 20, 2011

She caught my eye as I walked into the butterfly house. My immediate response to capture her beauty on camera. Her up wing a none descript camouflage. Down wing a glimpse of shimmering blue. Never stopping for more than a moment. A still shot could not portray her mesmerizing, light airy freedom.


When finally she rested with wings folded high, she blended seamlessly into the surrounding foliage. My finger held tightly over the shutter. I waited impatiently for the moment she would open her wings, again. But she did not.

After a shutterbug eternity my attention drifted away . . . And then it happened. Flitting quietly into the open sun she spread her wings to fully expose her blue iridescence.


Butterflies have long symbolized a process of change and transformation that begins without dignity. As an lowly caterpillar, all energy is focused on eating the right food, care of body, growth, and the shedding of layer after layer of misfit skin.  


Until finally, when the time is right, the caterpillar encapsulates itself for a time of seclusion and rest.


During this time, it may appear as though nothing is happening within a vast darkness. Yet inside its cocoon or chrysalis, the caterpillar body dissolves into liquidous mass. A chemical restructuring takes place to allow transformation.


Body Care. . . Soul Care. . . Heart Care . . . the right foods, resting, letting go.  Sound like Diabetes?


The process is as essential as transformation itself.


Being present in the moment . . . whatever it brings . . . accepting what is.


It’s the struggle that allows us to FLY.


Every moment brings something beautiful . . . something that can never be captured on film or memory card . . . something we must simply experience. 


The present moment is all we’ve got.  Its beauty is now . . . and never again.  


Ours for the taking!