Change of Plans-Welcoming our Son a Little Early!

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Change of Plans-Welcoming our Son a Little Early!

Hi all!  Sorry for my absence the last few weeks.  Since my last blog post from week 36, a lot has happened! I welcomed my baby boy, Cooper, into this world on November 5th at 3:57 PM.  He was 10 pounds, 14 ounces and 21 inches long.  He was perfectly healthy minus a little bit of low blood sugar.  Before I get to the birth story, I thought I would share what led up to his birth.

Baby Cooper’s arrival on November 5th was unplanned.  I had a regular OB appointment that day and I was planning on posting my latest article on weeks 37 and 38 when I got home from that appointment.  But I never came home that day.  Instead, I found out that my OB wanted to go ahead and deliver my son right away. 

Let me back track a little bit.  In my last post, I was 36 weeks along and had found out at my high risk OB appointment that my little man was already weighing in at 9 pounds.  I hadn’t yet seen my regular OB so I thought the plan was still to be induced at week 39 (November 11th).  After posting my article, I went to the regular OB and she told me that because of my baby’s size, an induction or vaginal birth was no longer an option.  This news hit me hard because I really wanted a natural birth, or at least for the option to still be on the table.  So instead of being induced on November 11th, I would now have a C-section scheduled.

The high risk appointment that followed went smoothly as all others had.  Baby boy was still scoring a 10 out of 10 on his biophysical profile (BPP) so all was looking good.  I had another regular OB appointment the following week and again everything was going well.  Then on Friday, October 31st, I had my next high risk appointment for week 38.  This time my little man didn’t pass the BPP. 

Halloween was quite an emotional day.  My husband and I went to our appointment thinking everything would be fine because our son always passed his BPP with flying colors.  However, on that day, he only scored a 6 out of 10.  Our high risk OB told us back at week 32 that if our son ever got a 6 out of 10 or lower, that he would take the baby right away because it meant the baby was stressed.  We were worried after he told us this for a few weeks but then our boy kept passing the test no problem so we sort of forgot that could really be an option.

When we heard the news that he failed, we were completely shocked.  My first thought was that we didn’t have anything ready.  We hadn’t packed our hospital bag yet; our house was a mess; we didn’t even have a name picked out. Then my thoughts changed and I began thinking that I wasn’t ready to be a mom yet.  I had mentally prepared for the 11th to welcome our son, so I wasn’t quite ready yet for him to arrive (I know I had 38 weeks to prepare but the sudden news freaked me out). 

The doctor gave us two options.  He could take the baby right then and there or we could come back in a few hours and take the test again to see if he improved at all.  We decided to come back in the afternoon, and in the meantime we hurried home and frantically packed our bag.

When we got back in the afternoon, we passed the test with flying colors.  The doctor told us that it would be OK if we didn’t take him that day but if I felt any decreased movement to come back to the hospital and they would take him then and there.

On Saturday, I felt a lot of movement in the morning so we weren’t concerned but then in the afternoon, I only felt him move once in a period of several hours. Paranoid after what had happened the day before, we called the OB (my regular OB was on vacation so we talked to the on call) and we were told to go into the hospital.  When we arrived, I was hooked up to the non-stress test and after several hours on it, baby boy passed again and they sent us home.

Things progressed pretty normally the next few days.  I felt some decreased movement but I didn’t want to panic like we did on Saturday so we waited until Wednesday for my next OB appointment.  When I arrived and I told her that I was still feeling a little decreased activity, she told me that we were going to take him that day.  She also told me that the high risk OB had left a big, bold note on my chart saying that if I came in over the weekend with decreased activity, that they should take the baby right then and there but apparently the on call OB missed the note and sent me home.  So Wednesday, November 5th became the new C-section date and we welcomed our son into this world!


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