Chin up, Buttercup! (Keeping those resolutions)

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Chin up, Buttercup! (Keeping those resolutions)

The holidays are over and it’s a bright new year.  I’m sure that just like everyone else - certainly like me - you have some resolutions for this new year.  Some of my biggest resolutions this year include spending more time outdoors, being more active, and doing more of what makes me happy.  Seems simple...right?  Well, it should be.  But then there’s my constant companion, diabetes. It is the one thing that adds complication to pretty much everything. (Even as I sat trying to write this blog post, my Dexcom CGM started giving me that dreaded “low glucose alert”.)

Now, I normally don’t have a problem getting outdoors or being active.  I love riding my bike, hiking, and kayaking.  All of these activities put me at peace.  But they also all send my blood sugar plummeting if I’m not careful.  Therefore, I normally plan these activities carefully.  Though having a plan doesn’t always prevent a bad day.  Some days it just seems as if your body wants to work against you and for all your good intentions (or resolutions), you just can’t go out that day and <insert chosen activity here>.  What’s important is to not let that one bad day squash your resolutions for good.

We’ve all been there.  For example, it used to happen to me every time I would see my doctor.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the cycle. Well, I’d go to the doctor and discover my numbers weren’t so good.  I’d leave with a renewed sense of the things I was going to do to change.  My diabetes resolutions so to speak.  And then WHAM… just like that I’d have a bad day.  A day where I did everything correct.  I tested my blood sugar levels at all the right times.  I ate all the right things.  I even exercised and administered my insulin dosages to the letter.  And despite it all, my blood sugars would still swing wildly.  And just like that all my resolve would fly right out the window.  After all, what’s the use of doing everything correctly if it doesn’t seem to matter?

But it does matter.  It really matters because the consequences of not doing those things are dire.  To keep on track I have to remind myself that one lost battle doesn’t mean the entire war is lost.  I try to give myself a break.  I try to remember that when I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to do that the bad day is not my fault.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  (If it was we wouldn’t have to worry about diabetes… Am I right?) I try to pick up my resolve and do all the right things again the next day because that’s the only way I’m going to keep those resolutions.  So, if you’re anything like me, then I have a message for you.  Keep your chin up, buttercup!  You are stronger than one bad day and you can keep those resolutions whatever they may be.