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The Circle of Life

As we concluded the year of 2014 PODS meeting in Princeton, NJ, I looked around our group, woman I have grown close to over the last two years and some new faces also.  This meeting was a time for evaluation. Using "The Circle of Life", a diagram with the spokes of the wheel made up of with the areas of life: spirituality, confidence, education, career, finances, health, physical activity, home cooking, home environment, relationships, social life and creativity as our guide.

How would we rate ourselves in these categories? Where did we need to focus in the coming year to create more balance and joy in non-food terms?

I took a look around the room and observed the people  around me, some had lost weight or gained, some seemed peaceful or worried, some burdened about their health or about the challenges of work.  Whatever their  individual concerns, we all shared the bond of wanting to grow and live life for the better.

What always touches me most is the support, warmth and encouragement we so naturally exchange with each other.

So where did I stack up with how I had done with my life? I feel I made breakthroughs in being more compassionate and understanding in my relationships, I started this blog for DS, a technology breakthrough for me!! and I have been more spiritually aware.

What about this coming year? This is what I decided are my goals: increased home cooking,  increased physical activity, managing my emotions in a less self destructive way, be more open with people and last but not least, be more positive about myself.

So, we will see  what this New Year brings.

Hope your holiday season is filled with lots of light.



Beautifully written Robin!!! Just wondering.. How are we all doing on those Circle of Life retrospections and action plans we explored back in December??? Karen
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