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Contractions and Sites

May 30, 2011

One of the scariest parts of being pregnant to most, if not all, women is the fact that labor is coming at some point in time. Just the thought of the contractions, the water breaking, the rush to the hospital, the pushing is enough to make your head spin. Of course, if you’re one that has to have a c-section and gets to avoid that part, your fear or worry is then shifted to the procedure itself and the recovery.

This week, I got my first “feel” of a contraction. It was a false “Braxton-Hicks” contraction, but a contraction nonetheless. To be honest, I had felt them before, but I didn’t know what was happening. We only caught it this time because my NST visit on Thursday showed two mild contractions in my reading. And now that I’ve seen what the monitor does and felt what’s going on, I now know that I’ve been having them for a couple of weeks now, maybe once or twice per day.

I know that with time, they’ll come more frequently and more intensely, but I’m glad to now know what to feel for. For me, it just feels like everything builds up to a tight ball in my lower stomach with a lot of pressure. I was told they’d feel like period cramps, but either mine aren’t that strong yet or my period cramps were harder than I thought. Either way, I’m glad to know what to feel for now and to time them if they start becoming frequent.

As far as diabetes is concerned, I’m having more trouble with the mental aspect of it than the physical. I knew things would get hard, but this is harder than I imagined. Of course, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that with higher blood sugar numbers comes more irritability on my part, which is not good for either of us.  I just have to keep telling myself to keep up doing what I’m doing. I’m not ignoring my blood sugars, they’re just harder to manage and require tons more effort. More correction boluses, more site changes, more finger pricks, more everything.

I have gone back to using my old infusion sets (Accu-chek Tender) because they go in at an angle and I’m more comfortable using those in my tummy/side sites. My other sets, the Insets, seemed to work okay, but I hit more bleeders with those. I had held on to 4 boxes of those sets after stopping the use of the Accu-chek Spirit pump, (which wasn’t but a few years ago), just in case I’d ever need them. The boxes are expired by about a year, but considering they’ve been sealed the entire time, I don’t think that will hurt anything. Besides, I’m still using IV3000 and Tegaderm that expired back in early 2007!

The only thing that concerns me is that leg sites are pretty much completely out of the question because there is pretty well no absorption there right now, and since the tenders have to be manually “installed”, it makes for back/love-handle insertion to be almost impossible. So I’m left with front-side belly sites and arm sites. And at a site change each day or every other day, it makes rotation a mess to keep up with.

But over all, though, I am doing well. I often tell people that if I could just subtract diabetes out of the whole pregnancy, I love it and have enjoyed every day of it, despite the battle that may have presented itself. Next week I see both my endocrinologist and the OB, so I’ll be sure to write and tell you guys how that went then.

And until then, if you want to keep up with some of my pictures I post, you can view them on my flickr account.