Did you see DiabetesSisters "In the News" this month?

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Did you see DiabetesSisters "In the News" this month?



It's already October- which means that DiabetesSisters’ Conference in Los Angeles is right around the corner!  As usual, Anna and I have been frantically preparing everything behind the scenes.  These next few weeks will be CRAZY around the DiabetesSisters’ office! By the way, if you haven’t registered yet, please do so before this Friday (October 10)- as that is when the price increases to $150.  We also welcomed a new intern to our team about three weeks ago. I hope you find it helpful!  Her name is Joanna and she is a graduate student at UNC School of Public Health (Go Heels!).  We also received great coverage of our Weekend for Women Conference in Washington, DC in April 2014 in the October issue of Diabetes Forecast magazine.   

This past week, I was in Washington, DC attending meetings with sponsors and meeting with partnering organizations.  While there, I received a copy of the front and back cover of the book that Natalie Strand and I co-authored.  A Woman’s Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness will be available on the ADA website in November and in other bookstores and Amazon on December 9th.  Below is a sneak peek of the book.  Natalie and I are both pretty excited about it!!  It’s a dream come true!  Although it took a lot of work, we both felt that it was really important to compile our experiences, knowledge, and insights picked up along the way into a book that would benefit other women with diabetes.  

 Cover Spread- A Woman's Guide to D

Regarding diabetes: One thing that I have been struggling with over the past few months is my blood sugar levels during three out of four weeks every month.  What do you mean by “three out of four weeks”?!?! you ask.  Well, I have noticed a pattern in which right before my period starts (maybe a day before), throughout my period, and maybe a day afterward, my blood sugars are FABULOUS!  I don’t mean just pretty good, I mean they are all between 80-140- no matter what I eat, including high sugar cereal.  Yes, I’ve tested it out to see if there was anything I couldn’t eat during this time and I’ve found nothing!  Now, if I just forget to dose completely before a meal, then my blood sugar will go high.  As long as I guess the dose pretty closely, my body seems to almost be helping me out with a little insulin here and there or at least less insulin resistance (reminds me of my honeymoon phase).  During this week of the month (during my period), I wake up in the morning around 90, dose my insulin and eat my favorite breakfast of peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat and my blood sugar peaks around 150, then comes back down to 110/120.  The other three weeks of the month, when I wake up my blood sugar is around 150, I dose my insulin, and eat the same breakfast, and my blood sugar peaks around 230 before eventually coming back down to 140/150 right around lunch time.  As soon as I eat anything with carbs, it shoots back up to 240 or so and takes forever to come back down.  When I asked my endocrinologist about this pattern, he said that I was the exact opposite of most women- who had great glucose control three weeks of the month and then things went haywire during the week of their period.  It looks like I need to increase my basal rates during the other three weeks of the month.  I’m curious to hear what experiences/patterns other women have noticed regarding their period/monthly cycle.  Has anyone found anything particularly helpful? 

Oh- and I hope to see you at the Conference later this month!  If not, you’ll certainly read about it in our November e-newsletter.  Until next month, stay strong and keep plugging away toward better diabetes managemenr (not perfect diabetes management!).  If you have a chance to listen to Mother Love's Show on LA Talk Radio on Monday, October 6th at 3pm (Pacific), I will be the guest!  http://www.latalkradio.com/Motherlove.php