End of the Road

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End of the Road

Queue Boys II Men's hit End of the Road.

Here I am 6 months into my get healthy journey.  Sadly, I am not that far off from where I started.

Blogging this last few months has taught me a lot.  It is not easy.  That's it.  Diabetes is not easy.  You girls know that though.  The accountability is sobering though.  Having to report on what I was thinking, doing, feeling, was no picnic.  Much like journaling what you eat and going back to review it later, I realized a lot of things that I struggled with as it was thrown back in my face.

Thankfully my appointment recently was still showing some improvements but I attribute that to the miracles of medicine (Victoza) and not much doing on my part as I am still fighting with my choices.

It is all about choices.  Whether you are happy, sad, sick, busy, we make choices to be healthy.  What we eat affects our how we feel so much more than those that are simply dieting.  Food fuels our bodies and either make us feel physically good and our blood sugars stay on an even keel, or physically bad where we have either a high or a low.  Taking our medications is important and even that is hard to keep up with.  Did I take my pill?  Oops, I forgot to take my meds today.  I am good about taking my injectables, it's the metformin I forget.  If I get out of my routine, it is easy to forget.

There isn't any real excuse for it other than laziness and unpreparedness.  This is your health, take a little more active a role.  No one else is going to do it for you.  This is where being diabetic is frustrating.  For the most part, you don't have any physicaly pains, strains, problems that "remind" you to do what you know you are supposed to do.  Most of the damage is happening on the inside.  It is the testing, the doctors reports and such that are the tell tell signs of what wer are doing.  I am walking a fine line between good and bad health in that regard and I hope that just because I no longer have to be accountable to you ladies, that I don't go completely over to the wild side.  :-)

Starting a new job tomorrow that will be much healtier for me mentally so I am anticipating that should help in the physical health as well.  Thanks for listening to my rants.  I wish all of you a healthy remainder of 2011 and look forward to see y'all at the Diabetes Sisters gatherings in the future.

Hugs and best wishes.