Farewell for Now! My Last DiabetesSisters Blog

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Farewell for Now! My Last DiabetesSisters Blog

It has been both an honor and a challenge to share my thoughts as an individual living with diabetes. Little did I realize when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 16 years ago that my life experience would be altered in unexpected ways. The greatest surprise has been the opportunity to be part of the dynamic community of Diabetes Sisters. I began from a point of isolation (those who are newly diagnosed understand) and recognized pretty quickly that I needed alot more support in order to manage. Diabetes Sisters connected me to many, many wonderful people and has had a transformative effect.  I have moved from isolated patient to patient advocate. When I walk into a healthcare appointment I am less afraid because I have other connections that inform how I care for myself. Finding community is so important to personal well being and that is what Diabetes Sisters means to me.

As one thing ends another begins- Summer approaches and it can be a season of renewal. It reminds us that there are always opportunities to strengthen our commitment to health. In the Summer there are more opportunities to be outside, vegetables in abundance and hopefully more relaxation.

I am fortunate this Summer because I hope to take more time for myself. I have just turned 64 and this is my gift to myself. Time to focus on the essentials that can elude me when I am too busy, more time to cook healthy food and to focus on exercise. Striving for health means being conscious of ourselves- giving things up in order to get other things in exchange.  My daughter, who is often my inspiration, recently said to me "Being healthy can be fun."  I associate health with something elusive. Habits that I can't change. Disappointment in myself. Conditions that alter my sense of self. Can I weave together healthy living and positive thinking? I will certainly try to seize the moment. I hope you all do the same.

Thank you for reading and my wishes for your health and well being.