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Full Speed Ahead

April 19, 2011

Good day, Sisters! We’re only a little over a week away from the Weekend for Women Conference in Raleigh, NC. I have received a number of emails inquiring about the status of the conference in light of the recent tornadoes in Raleigh. Rest Assured…the Marriott did not experience any damage and the conference will go on! No worries! I think the most disappointing experience regarding the conference is when I have a paid attendee email me explaining that she can’t attend the conference because she has decided to stay at home because friend is coming into town, or because a relative is coming to visit, or she has to take care of sick relative. Those women are probably the women who MOST need to be at the conference and they have missed the point of making THEIR health a priority for ONE weekend….Really, it’s just ONE weekend out of a whole year! I want to scream, “You need to make your health a priority if you want to be around to visit with friends and relatives in twenty years!” OK, I’m off my soap box now….

As you probably know, I attended the PhRMA National Meeting last week in Jersey City. I walked away with a great deal of information to think about: What does innovation really mean? How can the PhRMA organization, patient organizations, pharmaceutical companies work together toward the same goal? What can be done to make it less risky (fear of lawsuits) for the FDA to approve new drugs? These are just some of the issues discussed during the Meeting. We also heard from some really awesome speakers, such as Former President Bill Clinton, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Duke (Yuck!) Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Former Miss America Nicole Johnson (who was the keynote speaker at the 2010 Weekend for Women Conference). Bill Clinton was quite a philosophizer! You can tell he is a brilliant man who understands the dynamics of many different global issues. Unfortunately, he rambled a bit and went about 45 minutes over his scheduled talk time, but, of course, no one was about to cut him off! Coach K talked about the importance of team work…mainly focusing on his experiences with the Olympic Team with a lot of commentary about Kobe Bryant. I was also excited to spend time with some of my nonprofit colleagues such as Lisa Tate, Executive Director of WomenHeart, www.womenheart.org.

The interview that Laura Ann Young, MD and I did with Angela Hampton on ABC 11 aired on Sunday. You can view it here:


I am totally swamped getting ready for the conference, so that’s all I have time to share this week. Hopefully, I’ll have some down time after the conference (at least, I pray that I do