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Full Term

July 16, 2011


Full term.

That’s what they call it when you reach 37 weeks pregnant. So, even though he still needs to bake a little bit more, he could arrive any time now.

My OB appointment on Thursday went okay. He wasn’t too happy with the slow creeping upwards of my blood sugars, and ordered me to see my endo as soon as possible to get things back in line. I faxed everything in to my endo and he called back with a few changes… some of which I can hardly believe we’re having to do. If everything stays as is until the end of the pregnancy, I will have gone from a 1:8 carb ratio for breakfast to a 1:3! And prebolus times? From 20 minutes to almost an hour. It still boggles my mind just how much changes when you’re pregnant!   

They are running blood work and requiring that I do the wonderful 24-hour urine collection because they found protein in my sample for that visit, my blood pressure was a tad bit high, and my hands and feet are swollen (thank you, 8 pounds of water-weight these past 2 weeks!), so they want to rule out the start of pre-eclampsia. Otherwise, if all of that comes back fine, we will be set to induce me in the first week of August, right after I’m 39 weeks, and I’ll see them once a week until then. Which, didn’t hit me until last night, that it will only be twice more. Otherwise, if the tests come back different, it may be the last week in July, so I’d only have one more visit left.

It’s amazing to think that it was November not too long ago and I was running out of the house to tell my husband in the back yard that we were pregnant. We were going to be expecting a little one in just a few months. Now, we’re right here at it. We’re just a couple of weeks away. If I’m induced August 1st, we only have 17 days left.

And while I’m so excited to finally get to meet this little being that has been rolling around inside of me, I’m also scared to death. Yeah, I’ve taken care of other children and babysat for others, but what they didn’t know is while I have them – I may look cool and in control, but all the while in my mind I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh… I have them for 2,4,5 hours… what am I going to do? Are they going to like me? Will they catch on to my uneasiness and be fussy and the mom and dad get mad with me?” It’s now the whole “Will he like me? Will he know I’m his mommy? Or will he smell my fear and want to cling to someone else?”.

My mind is going mad these days with worry of how things are going to be after he arrives. But I have to keep reminding myself of what is written for us plain as day in the Bible. Matthew 6:34… “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” So with that, I try not to worry about when he’ll be delivered and how things will go with the delivery or afterwards when he’s in my arms. Each day of being pregnant and having diabetes in the mix gives me enough worry and trouble, and I don’t need to allow myself to get even more worked up over things I can’t do anything about or have any control over today.

Hopefully I’ll know more about what’s going on next week when I call for the results of the blood work. I’ll update everyone after my OB appointment with where we stand with the delivery and all that fun stuff. Until then, I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!!