Getting back on track

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Getting back on track

April 9, 2011

I don't want to sound like a debbie downer but...

I have once again had a really rought week.  In church today we learned that we need to be grounded in God and not in our circumstances.  I have been bad at that lately.  I even called to make an appointment to got back to my original dosage of my antidepressant. (sigh)

Last Saturday I rear-ended a tahoe, twice the size of my Hyundai Sonata.  It was deemed a total loss so now I have the joys of finding a reasonable replacement car.  A job I interviewed for I found out that I did not get and remain in the inner circle of hell that I call my job.  These downs, caused me to through caution to the wind and self-medicate with food.  For the last weeks I have been on this weight loss plan overseen by a doctor.  I was doing pretty well.  Lost 9 lbs.  My blood sugars were excellent and I was even considering sending the insulin pump back since I was FINALLY seeing some progress.  Then, the rug got pulled out from underneath and I ate my way through the last 7 days.  Gaining 3 of the pounds back and feeling so guilty about it, I haven't checked my sugars in days.

We as diabetics do not have the luxury of putting out disease and our health on hold for these meltdowns.  Eating a pound of chocolate does not simply affect our weight and our mental state, it affects our well being.  Our bodies are under attack.  I have to find a better way of dealing with this bad days because it is going against my faith and causes havoc on my body. 

I am getting back on track and refocusing on doing what is best for me.  My week of rebellion is over for now and I am moving forward.

Looking forward to the Weekend for Women coming up and meeting some of y'all.