Type 2 Diabetes Blog


Whew…I can finally take a rest.    It’s was a full impact week for me.   We had my niece’s graduation party Wednesday night.   It was a great evening…weather was great and I even saw a couple of people I knew back in high school.   I got a framed piece of canvas for all guests to sign and give her words of wisdom as she leaves the nest….it was fun reading them…some were funny while some were serious.

Friday night was her actual graduation…561 students.   Luckily as so many high schools were using the same facility for their graduation ceremonies the schools were on a tight one hour and fifteen minutes schedule.   You are instructed not to cheer, so that all parents, etc. can hear their child’s name called but that didn’t stop all parents.    I guess for some high school will be the highest education their child will receive and it may have been a long, hard struggle.   When my nephew graduates his class has over 800 students.  Wholly cow!!!     When I graduated I believe we had between 350 to 400 students…but when my parents graduated from high school I believe there were less than 50 students and everyone knew each other. 

My husband and I took the kittens to the vet Saturday morning….all OK….we have named them…Mayhem (she is into everything), Ozzie (after Ozzy Osbourne and the song Let Me Hear You Scream…she screamed when my husband first picked her up) and Puck (solid black like a hockey puck).   Mommy (Shadow) has settled into her new home and getting along with our existing male cat (Garrett) The vet did tell us to wait until 16 weeks and to see all five kitties’ personalities will get along before making a final decision to keep all.    My husband and I have spent hours watching the kittens play…too cute!!!

Went with a friend yesterday to see West Side Story…it was disappointing.   The original movie is much better.

My feet have been bothering me this past week…like a burning feeling.    It goes away if I soak my feet in cold water for about 5 minutes plus I found some foot cream to help with burning and tingling.   Not sure what is going on but it does worry me that it could be the start of neuropathy.   I hear you can get neuropathy even if your blood sugar is controlled.   Today was much better…I don’t know if it could be from the insoles in my tennis shoes.   I have a routine check-up in about a month, so will have to discuss it with my PCP.