Pregnancy and Diabetes Blog


We are now at 24 weeks, just two weeks away from the start of the third trimester. The baby bump is growing fast these days, and I’m at the point that none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, save one dress (thank goodness since Easter will be next week and I can wear it one more time!).


I can tell BabyK is getting much bigger and stronger these days as his kicks are getting more predominant and he’s moving my stomach with him. Sometimes I can even tell what side he is on just by the shape of my belly. It’s odd to think back to being younger when I thought that all women’s bellies just grew round, not oval and moving with the position of the baby.


With the baby’s growth, I have grown and actually put on a few more pounds. I am now 2 pounds above my weight at the beginning of the pregnancy, and have put on a total of 12 pounds since the third month. These past couple of weeks has been where it has really started to show, especially with water retention. My ankles are always swollen and my hands are swollen mostly at night now. For the most part, I’m still comfortable, but I can tell as the trimester (which I keep wanting to call “Semester”, as if I’m still in school!) comes to a close, I’m beginning to understand why women are uncomfortable as they grow bigger into the third trimester.


My blood sugars are doing as well as can be expected. I still have to readjust basal rates at least once per week in my pump, but even twice last week. I have been trying to adjust them on my own some, though I learned last week that maybe it’s best to still listen to what the endo says. He is the one with the degree, after all. And, yes, I know most diabetics do understand their diabetes better than their doctors, but I’ve never dealt with diabetes and pregnancy at the same time, and I’ve still got to learn that the highs and lows aren’t always just from being diabetic, that the hormone shifts in pregnancy can throw them off too. Last week, I read my graphs and calculated what I thought I needed to increase my insulin to based on what my history as a diabetic was, but I was sorely awakened to know that I had over-done it and stayed low, 50-60 range, until I backed off just a smidge. And when I say a smidge, I mean like 0.025 – 0.05u less for certain rates. It’s almost as if I’m insulin resistant and sensitive at the same time.


As far as my meal boluses, doing a combo bolus for my meals does seem to help a lot more than the straight bolus for every meal. As long as I keep to my lower-carb multi-mini-meals and not the “big3”, my blood sugars seem to stay pretty happy. I knew Friday (pay-day) just how much when I ate out instead of eating packed meals throughout the day just how much it helped too. It wasn’t long until I went up and stayed in the 160-180 range verses staying in the 130’s like usual.


Granted, when I speak of changes I make, I do speak of my own trials and testing. I do not write this as a guide for anyone to use for themselves, as I am not a doctor, nurse, or certified diabetes educator. My endo knows my method of calculation and is ok with me making changes as needed, unless he sees they are not safe. If you are diabetic and pregnant as well, I do urge you to speak with your medical professional that handles your diabetes care before making any changes to your care yourself.