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Head 2 Toe

March 6, 2011

Several years ago, as I recovered from reconstructive surgery, I had a most uncanny experience. During the surgery the bones of my jaw were cut entirely through on either side, repositioned, and then wired in place . . . all to reconstruct damage caused by an auto accident. Several days later, on my way home from the hospital, I visited my Massage Therapist . . . and as he gently massaged the pads of my feet the bones in my jaw moved in response.


Most of us have been told that everything we do affects our entire body . . . but few have opportunity to experience such a remarkable “Head 2 Toe” connection . . . so it can be difficult to bring awareness to the numerous ways in which our very thoughts and actions impact the health and healing of our body . . . and even when we do, we are far too prone to forget.

Over the past few weeks, my process of “starting over again” found me a lot unprepared and presumptuous, as flu season came in full force. Opportunity for limitless work and the pressing need for money, following several months of limited work, was all I needed to override better judgment of my actual ability to adapt.

So here I am, following 3 weeks of congestion, weakness, and near Pneumonia, further behind, rethinking my strategy.  Less sleep, less time for Mindful Yoga and exercise, increased stress . . . all combined to reduce my bodies’ ability to fight off infection when it came.

Unexpected . . . YES! I haven’t been sick in more than 3 years. But listening to the signals that my life was out of balance would have helped, and doing so would have required that I pay attention when my body said it was tired, my mind said it needed a break, and my sprit said I need balance.