Hello Week 30!

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Hello Week 30!

Saturday marks the start of week 30.  It’s hard to believe in less than 10 weeks, I will finally get to meet my little dude that has been playing so many games of soccer in my belly.  A few posts back I mentioned that I was concerned about my amniotic fluid being on the higher side of normal and my blood pressure was high at one doctor appointment.  I’m happy to report that at my week 28 perinatologist appointment, the amniotic fluid had gone down slightly (from 22 to 21) and while it’s still on the higher side of normal, it isn’t getting worse so I’m a little less worried.  Since that one doctor appointment where I had high blood pressure, I’ve had several other doctor appointments and my blood pressure has gone back down to normal so that’s a relief as well. 

The 28-week appointment did usher in some bad news though.  At week 24, my baby was at the 50% in growth and as of the 28-week appointment, he was at 80%.  The perinatologist commented that means he has had accelerated growth which is bad and remarked that bad diabetes control is one cause, insinuating that I wasn’t doing a very good job.  I was very upset after this appointment because I have been trying so hard.  My last A1C was 5.5 and I’m not sure I could do any better than that.  Also, the few weeks leading up to the 28-week appointment were when my insulin resistance was really kicking in and I was traveling and as a result, not doing as great with my diabetes control.  Since getting home, I’ve tried really hard to get back to having lower blood sugars.  Luckily, I went to the regular OB a few days after the 28-week perinatologist appointment and she eased my worries some.  She said that I have been doing a great job and since the ultrasound measurements aren’t the most accurate, there could have been some measurement error to contribute to the change.  We will keep an eye on it going further and hope things settle down.  I asked about a birthing plan and our current plan is to assume natural childbirth and plan on week 39 but if the baby gets too big, we might have to switch to a C-section.

My blood sugars have been a lot better the last few weeks.  I’m back to eating my normal food and back to my normal routine so it’s been easier to carb count and make adjustments.  I had an appointment with both my CDE and endocrinologist this week and we made a few adjustments to my evening basal rates and insulin to carb ratio and so far that seems to be helping.  I get my A1C checked at my next endocrinologist appointment so I’m hoping the week of traveling and insulin resistance haven’t done too much harm.

I have been taking advantage of the pool and swimming laps as often as I can but the pool closed this week so now I’m trying to get back into prenatal yoga.  I’ve been having a lot of back pain recently so I’m hoping the yoga will help with that.  Exhaustion has started to kick in big time so I’m trying to fight that by being active.  It’s been really hot this week, too hot for me to get out and walk a lot, but I’m planning on picking that up next week so hopefully between the yoga and the walking, I’ll be in good shape. 

Things are starting to get exciting as well.  I have my baby shower next week.  My husband and I have been taking a lot of baby classes.  We have taken an infant CPR class, a Happiest Baby on the Block class, a breastfeeding class, a newborn care and safety class and we have started a 4-week childbirth class.  I’m not going to lie, the childbirth class scares me a little bit.  Taking the childbirth class has made me realize that I really want a natural birth.  I never really had an opinion on whether or not I cared about having a natural birth or a C-section but the childbirth class has really made me realize that I want a natural birth.   I think the major reason for this is because having a natural birth makes it seem like my husband and I are active participants in the birth.  I know I will be happy with either option as long as baby is healthy but I’m hoping things go well the next 10 weeks and I can proceed with a natural birth.

Starting next week, I begin to see my regular OB every two weeks (as opposed to once a month) and my perinatologist every week (as opposed to once a month).  While it’s a LOT of appointments, it’s exciting to get to see my baby on the ultrasound every week.  I know that “normal” pregnant women do not get this luxury so it is at least one perk of having Type 1 diabetes while pregnant.  Plus, I get the 4D ultrasounds every time too! Less than 10 weeks to go until I meet my little guy, I can’t wait!