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Home A1C Tests

I'm a big fan of having my A1C done every 3 to 5 months with my doctor. For me, it's my report card of how I'm doing managing my blood sugars, and it gives me a chance to course correct if needed, before too much time has gone on.

Throughout the last ten years, I've had an average A1C in the mid-6%'s. That's a number that feels good to me, personally. 

With the challenge of managing my blood sugars while traveling for a year, I know my A1C has gone up. I had the lab test done in June, when I was back in the US for a friend's wedding, and saw a number in the mid-7%'s that I was not thrilled with. Thoughout the last three months in Africa, I've been much more diligent to keep my number down through pre-bolusing and accurate carb counting. 

I'm now in a place where I'd like to see how much progress I've made. My meter averages tell me I'm close to a 7% A1C, but I'd really like to see the weighted average of an A1C. I feel like the meter doesn't account for how much time I spent at 106 or 198 mg/dl; it just simply averages each blood test.

With that in mind, I've asked my younger brother to bring me a home A1C test when I meet him in Spain in a few weeks. I figured this is the closest I'll get to getting a real-deal test done.

I've done a lot of googling about the accuracy of these tests. Beyond many opinion pieces, the only study I've seen is here, and says that 93.2% of study paticipants had a home A1C results wihtin the acceptable range of ±13.5% of the laboratory reference value.

To me, 13.5% is a fairly close range. But I'm curious if anyone has had experience with these home A1C tests? And if you think ±13.5% is truly accurate?