I am excited

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I am excited

January 26, 2012

I decided to wait a few days after my doctor's appointment to blog until I had more information.  I discussed with my regular physician an appointment for a bariactric's visit.  The more info I read the more I was afraid to participate.  I don't think it will work with my lifestyle and some of medical problems.  I asked her for a magic pill or a magic wand.  My doctor said if she found one, we would all be standing behind her.  She is a beautiful person.  She doesn't just answer questions, she explains everything about it.  I appreciate that, it helps me figure things out.  She has a doctor friend that is a bariatric doctor and she got very upset with him, because she thought he was in it just to make money.  Instead he educates his patients.  He hired a nutritionist and sometimes brings in a chef.  Lots of people loose weight and  don't even need the surgery.  He tries to improve their quality of life. 

I decided that i don't have enough discipline to make myself exercise on a regular basis.  I don't leave work until around 7:00 pm and I am dragging by the time i get home.  I tried the treadmill at 5:00 a.m, but that got old.  I just joined a wellness center.  Now I will have to leave work earlier, which means I have to get up earlier and get to work earlier (yuck).  I will be in a healthy weight program for 12 weeks that will include meal plans and an exercise regime. My doctor had to approve my joining and determine what type of exercises I can do - general, limited or supervised.  Darn it, she chose general.   I do all my assessments tomorrow, along with cholesterol testing , my flexbility, my measurements and weight.  They will compile of this info to decide what exercises/machines I should use, how much weight to use.  I even have homework to do tonight - forms to be completed.  I will start this class in two weeks and it will be weekly.  I am very excited to get back to the gym.  It has been many years since I was there.  Majority of the instructors are still there.  When I mentioned that, the guy checking me in, said it is because they love their jobs.  I will probably start out in water aerobics and ease myself into anything strenous.  They do have zumba and i have been dying to give that a try.  I bought the zumba cds, but were too complicated for me to follow as a beginner.  Heck, i was worn out after going through half the instructions.   I do need direction and accountability.  Somehow a group environment motivates me.  I get to know folks and you feel like you let them down if you don't show up for classes.  Maybe i get into shape so I can try yoga and pilates.  My gym doesn't teach tai chi yet, by maybe they will add it.  I really liked it when he did it at the first Diabetes Sisters convention.  We also did a little belly dancing.  I don't think mine would come under the heading of dancing.  Wish me luck.  I had better remember to pick up ibuprofen and heating pads.  I feel can feel the muscle cramps now...   

My doctor is changing my metformin back to what I used to take years ago.  I will take the extended release at night and not take the doses 3 times a day.  Hopefully that will work and I won't get the squeasy yucky feeling.  Got to go back in a month for blood work.  I am hoping that i will have done enough exercising to reduce my levels.  My doc is concerned  because my blood pressure wasn't where it should be.  I didn't tell her that I had forgotten to take my medication for a couple of days.  Hopefully it corrects itself in a month also.