I need a push!!!

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I need a push!!!

August 2, 2011

Apparently I can’t add or subtract.  I have my years all mixed up.  In one place I have that I have had diabetes for 5 years and another for almost 10 years.  I know, my sugar must have dropped at that point, when I figuring it out  (hehe).  That is my story and I am sticking to it!! 

Wow, has it been hot.  Hope you folks have been staying cool.  I have fans everywhere, home and work, even a handheld on.  They certainly do come in handy when I am ‘flashing’ and other folks aren’t.   Like I need a reason, but another excuse for not exercising as I should .  I do want to try out the zumba cds I bought last year.  Whew I was confused and worn out after I watched the introductory dance moves.  I never got into the real workout.  Do any of you zumba?  The ladies I know that do, love it.  I am not coordinated at all, so this would definitely be something I could not do in public.  Somehow I think my arms and legs are tied together, because they do not move independantly.  Maybe I should easy back into the wii fitness coach to break myself in.  I need a push!!

I have been checking my sugar daily.  I check it in the mornings after fasting.  I take 3 metformin in the morning along with amaryl and now have added 2 metformin and amaryl at night.  The only difference being that I take my victoza injection in the morning.  My levels have been from 124 (woohoo) up to 204.  I am learning that eating a meal with meat and veggies give me a much better result than just eating a snack at night. I am not sure what my Doctor will have me do next.  I will have to find out when I call in with my levels. She has some ideas on where she wants to take me, but it will depend on my levels.  I know that exercising will definitely help, but I am still trying to fit something in.  Just when I think about walking during lunch, the temperature rises to 100+.  I thought about walking our stairway at work, but it isn’t air conditioned.  I know I know, they are just lame excuses.  If I can just talk myself into starting something and sticking with it.  I might start and then after a couple of days or weeks, I fall off the wagon.  I need willpower and determination.  Do any of you have this same problem?  If you overcame it, do you have some pointers you can share?

Went to another PODs meeting and it was fantastic as well.  It was a whole new set of folks for me.    I just love hearing peoples stories.  I always seem to learn something.  Our host gave me some inspiration.  She has lost so much weight that she doesn’t need meds.  That is where I want to be, taking no medication because my levels are normal.  I will keep trying to make that goal no matter what.

Until next week..... Muwah