Type 2 Diabetes Blog


Hello Sisters.  I am a little nervous about blogging, so please bear with me.  I am a type 2 and was diagnosed almost 10 years ago.  Time really does fly.


When I was first diagnosed, my physician sent me to Diabetes Training Classes.  It was very educational and informative.  I still refer to the documentation that they gave me.  There were classes on nutrition and how foods affect your blood sugar levels.  The good and the bad foods.  Diabetes - how it affects you now and later.  What is happening in your body and what glucose and insulin mean.  There was also a discussion on meditation and the importance of that.  Along with many more.  There were 3 sessions in all, totaling 8 hours.   If you are newly diagnosed or want some great education, you might think about discussing with your doctor and getting a referral.  Sometimes I think I need a refresher course!

I take metformin, gluberide and victoza injections.  I heard some very disturbing news about the side effects from taking victoza.  I got scared and stop taking it.  I wasn’t checking my levels and when I decided to, they were extremely high.  In the 300 range, but closer to 400.  I was flabbergasted and scared.  About this time, I attended my first PODS meeting and after some discussion there, I decided to find a endocrinologist.  After I thought about it, I decided to go back to my general physician, especially since I hadn’t been to see her in over 6 months.  It wasn’t her fault.  After discussing my A1C level being at 12 and my fasting levels being high, she said that my levels probably jumped so high because I quit the victoza.   I have been recording my levels first thing in the morning and taking a higher dose of victoza.  My levels now are from 170 to 240.  I experimented a little, by taking my victoza at night.  The levels were higher, so I went back to taking my medication in the morning.  Anyone else out there experimenting and attempting to play doctor?

The PODs monthly meeting was so informative.  We were talking and didn’t realize we had gone past our allotted time.  We were so excited about sharing our experiences.  At the PODS quarterly meeting we had a speaker that discussed the effects of blood sugar on your eyes.  I would encourage everyone to go to a PODs meetup.  It is like a mini conference.  Can’t wait to see what is next.

I feel so inspired after leaving the conference and a PODs meetup.  Refreshed, relaxed and ready to face another day in the rat race.  Now where did I put my cheese?  Until next time….