Is it just me or...

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Is it just me or...

July 25, 2010

As many of you know, I am an avid supporter of women, especially women with diabetes “taking care of themselves- emotionally and physically.”  One way I take care of my spirit is to be pampered through regular pedicures.  My five-year-old daughter, Summer, has been going with me to the nail salon for the last year.  We seem to draw a lot of attention when we walk into the salon.  I think everyone is curious to see how such a young girl is going to behave.  Amazingly, she has been enough now that she knows the routine—sign in, choose your polish, find a magazine, settle into your chair, read your magazine while your toes are being pampered.  All of the customers always get a kick out of watching her because they are not expecting her to know what to do and to actually do it.  I guess she’s had a good role model! J  On one hand, pedicures at such a young age could be viewed by some as “spoiling” my daughter.  (Let me clarify that she doesn’t get a “full” pedicure.  She gets a “polish change” which costs a total of $5.)  I, on the other hand, feel proud that I am teaching my daughter the importance of nurturing her spirit at such a young age.  I often talk to women who say they have never had a manicure or a massage.  It seems as if they equate taking care of themselves with being selfish.  While one must not get carried away with the pampering, I still say that there is nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself once a week or once every two weeks.  We deserve it!  Not to mention, it rejuvenates our spirit! 

The last time I was at the nail salon I ran into one of my DiabetesSisters that I have known for a long time.  She and I began talking and she revealed that she had just experienced a “bad low blood sugar” in Ann Taylor's Loft.  In fact, she mentioned that her blood sugar had dropped to 29.  Then she said those important bonding words, “I don’t know what it is about shopping, but I have a low blood sugar every time I go shopping.”  Immediately, I said, “Wow!  You too?  It seems like all I have to do is walk in the mall and my blood sugar drops.”  We commiserated over our stories about low blood sugars while shopping and shared our own strategies for avoiding lows while shopping.  She mentioned that she always “carbs up” before going to the mall and I discussed how I make sure I have at least two snacks in my purse before entering the mall. 

All of this discussion got me wondering….Now I know that it’s not just me who experiences consistent low blood sugars while shopping.  But, I wonder if someone-- maybe a CDE, nutritionist, or dietician can shed some light on this occurrence.  I realize that shopping requires a lot of walking, which works off a lot of energy.  But, it really seems like there is something else going on besides that…especially when you consider how many lows I’ve had after being at the mall for only 5 or 10 minutes.  Is it the excitement?  Is it the combination of physical activity and brain activity (hey, we have to do some serious thinking to put together such stylish ensembles!?!?)  Has anyone else experienced this?  Does anyone have any theories or suggestions?I guess that’s just another thing that makes diabetes DIFFERENT for women!  (Trust me--I doubt men are concerned about excessive low blood sugars while shopping! Ha ha!)