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It's Not Always The Pregnancy

This past week has brought more challenges than expected. From bad sites, to bloody-bruised ones, to sites that work a little too well. Could some of it be blamed on pregnancy hormones? Maybe. But I think these were mostly insulin and site problems.


After going through one site change per day from Monday to Wednesday last week, I thought I finally had a good one before going to my endocrinologist appointment. But, as it turned out, that one had hit a vessel and I had a massive bleeder (I say massive.. any site that takes longer than three seconds of pressure to stop for me, I call massive.) It was no wonder that correction bolus worked so fast! So, after I had ducked into a restroom to pull that one, I reconnected via my old site ( I always leave my old sites in until I know the new one is working.. just in case) and went in to see the doctor and then changed the site yet again once I got home.


Then I have days like Saturday. We had gone for a trip to the zoo with my sister in law and her family. I thought the walking around would be good, and it would give me a chance to take more pictures of things I don’t get to see in my back yard (I swear I’ve practice-shot any and everything back there!). You would think I would have stayed low or at least normal-low, but I stayed in the 200s. Finally, halfway through our time there, I figured yet another correction bolus (third one of the day) and set my pump to +20% basal rate for the remainder of the day. Finally, after doing this, I reached 122 by lunchtime.


Or things like last night happen… I had a pretty good day with blood sugars, not needing the +20% at all. Some sugars were a little high, but those could be blamed on my craving and giving in to chocolate chip cookies and milk. But last night, I got home and cleaned a few things before going to bed. I was also stressed about some things going on, and they were weighing heavy on my mind (hence the cleaning). When I finally stopped because I was too pooped to do anything else, my sugar was 80. So, I ate a snack and waited up in bed for it to come up…. Except it didn’t. I kept dropping…. Into the 60s then 40s.. then finally, I hit 28. I haven’t had a number in the 20’s since February. I freaked out not just because I had hit the 20’s again, but because I was at home by my self since hubby was working late and my glucose tabs and snack were just sitting in my stomach. I felt so full, yet nothing seemed to be getting through. My sister-in-law came and sat with me until I was back in the 80s, during which time I explained to her how to use the glucagon kit and where it would be if it was needed.


It seems basals and bolus rates are changing almost daily now. Some days more, some days less. I have come to learn to just go with the flow rather than getting upset that I can’t fix it and leave it. It’s a constant change, I have to be ready to take it… kinda like a hockey goalie. But one thing I have to remember is not every whacky number or weird pattern can be blamed on the pregnancy hormones. Yes, I’m sure a lot of it could, but it isn’t always the answer. Sometimes its just whacky because it’s diabetes. And diabetes likes to be a pain in the butt sometimes.


Stay tuned for my post next week. We will be going for our 4D ultrasound this week and I can’t wait to see what my little boy looks like so far and to share with all of you guys!!


(To see pictures from the zoo, click here! Also, here’s my 26 week photo.)