Just Moving More is Exercise

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Just Moving More is Exercise

I know that exercise is critical for managing Diabetes and our overall health, but sadly I have resistance to the idea of exercise. In the Princeton PODS meeting we talked about "movement" and I really liked that idea. I can move more and it will have positive effects and I can incorporate into my day. Because I am in a beautiful environment( trees, pastures, lakes) I feel motivated to be outside and that helps. One device that I find helpful is a pedometer. It gives me an easy way to measure my movements. I wanted to ask you about how you put movement into your lives. That is the beauty of Diabetes Sisters, we can help each other with ideas and support. 

I will walk more and move more with my pedometer helping me keep track. How about you?



Great story.Exactly , exercise is important for diabetes and one must continue it regularly. For short bursts of activity, such as a quick sprint to catch the bus, your muscles and liver release glucose for fuel. If you're doing moderate exercise for a longer time, your muscles take up glucose at up to 20 times the normal rate. This helps lower your blood sugar levels. Click to check : http://type2diabetesinsider.com
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