Keeping Positive

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Keeping Positive

As I look around me everyone seems to be challenged by the worries that shadow all our lives. It could be illness, difficulty with work, problems with people we love or just the sad situation of seemingly endless human conflict in the global community.

Everyone has to cope with these stressors and if you have a chronic condition that requires daily management, you could feel like there is a time bomb ticking with your health that is eventually going to go off.

We can't effect so many things in our lives but we can work on our thoughts and then our behavior.

There is one wonderful technique I use all the time. When I find myself thinking negatively about myself or a  person, place or thing I stop and think "Is this thought going to help the situation?".  This thought helps me stop the negativity and then let it go. Then after a pause I can ask myself what could help?  

Negative thinking is a habit that we can break. Why not substitute love and compassion for ourselves and others. Start practicing it and let me know if it makes you feel better. it is good to know we can create positive change in ourselves.

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Hi Robin Wright, it is refreshing to hear from someone that deals with stress and everything else in life with a positive attitude. I have been struggling with stress levels that have become to manifest into full blown anxiety attacks. I would have them on a daily basis and was becoming vary worried because these attacks were causing me to go to the emergency department . I decided to go see my doctor to get her opinion on what to do to fix it. When I spoke with my doctor about my concerns she was extremely clear about the fact that medication was a band aid over the cut. I needed to find the source of my anxiety and deal with it. I'm not going to lie that when I heard the doctor say there was no cure but to deal with it, it took me by surprise. I though I would be put on medication and it would go away. I had to re- wire and search with in me what the issues were. Once I did that I was able to learn healthy mechanisms to deal with the anxiety. I can testify to the fact that for me a lot of praying and learning to be patient was key. I know I will for ever deal with the stresses of life, but I am glad that I have learned to deal with them in a positive and uplifting way.
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