Lots of "Firsts"

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Lots of "Firsts"

August 30, 2010

This week was a pretty eventful one!  On Wednesday, I had the privilege of speaking with Chris, Theresa, and Charlie on The Diabetes Power Show podcast.  Charlie has Type 2 diabetes, Theresa has Type 1 diabetes, and Chris has Type 3 diabetes (meaning he loves someone with diabetes).  We had such a great time talking about all things diabetes.  You can listen to the interview here and let me know what you think!  We discussed everything from my diagnosis to my dad’s response to my diagnosis to diabulimia to cardiovascular disease and everything in between.  Mostly, everything came back to the main theme: life as a woman with diabetes!

I also did an interview with Diabetes Forecast magazine.  I’ll keep you posted on the print date!  In addition, if you are not familiar with the annual “Celebration of Strength” Luncheon for women with Type 1 diabetes that is put on by the Behavioral Diabetes Institute in San Diego, CA, I want to encourage you to attend.   This year it is being held on Saturday, October 2nd.     I am very honored to be selected as a speaker at this year’s luncheon.  This will be my first time attending, but I have heard so many positive things about it!  I can't wait!  Please let me know if you are planning to attend or if you live in the San Diego area and maybe we could meet up while I’m out there!     


Precious Memories: Summer's First Day of Kindergarten

Finally, my daughter started kindergarten today (Monday)!  It’s hard to believe that the little one who was just a little seed in me six years ago is sitting in a kindergarten class as I type this blog!  What is most memorable is her comment to me and my husband, Chris, as we walked her into school this morning.  She turned to us and said, “Today is going to be the best day of my life!”  So innocent and so sweet!  What can you say, except, “Yes, I’ll bet it will be and I can’t wait to hear about it!”  What a blessing that women with diabetes have the opportunity to make memories with their children…whereas two or three decades ago pregnancy was not recommended for women with diabetes!