Matters of the Heart

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Matters of the Heart

January was a whirlwind month! At the office, we launched new programming for our PODS Meetups, opened registration for our Weekend for Women Conference in Washington, DC, and met with the Board of Directors to discuss the organization’s focus for 2014. At home, I welcomed the first significant snowfall in the Triangle in many years which paralyzed things for a few days, continued to balance the home-diabetes-work-life scales, and faced a medical milestone in my life: my father needed a pacemaker. The news that my father needed a pacemaker scared and worried me. Ultimately, he is fine, he’s home and resting, and overall, it was a routine procedure. But – to mix the love for my father along with the worry that his own heart is acting up – it was an emotional rollercoaster to encounter.

As we greet this new month, I am reflecting on the irony that it is heart month, both figuratively and literally. We have focused this month’s newsletter heart disease and how it can be prevented. As women with diabetes, we are at greater risk of developing heart disease – did you know that? Read about Janet Puryear’s journey with diabetes and heart disease – her story (and outcome) will motivate you to learn more about the measures to take to protect yourself.

Then join us on February 19th for our inaugural DiabetesSisters’ Life Class Series, a webinar on Women, Diabetes, and Heart Disease: Everything You Need to Know. Led by Lisa Tate, CEO of WomenHeart, her presentation will focus on the unique factors women with diabetes should be aware of.

Continuing the theme of February’s hearts, love and friendship: I hope you will take the time to register for our upcoming Weekend for Women Conference in Washington, DC. Held the weekend of April 25-27, this weekend is one giant hug from a hundred women with diabetes! Come see old friends, meet new ones, learn about new technologies or how to use the glycemic index to your advantage: there is something for everyone.

Personally, I plan to take February to focus on matters of my own heart – more walking and exercising, more healthy eating at home, a special date night (or two) with my husband, lots of hugs and kisses for my son, more time reaching out to my friends with diabetes, and, definitely, more phone calls to my parents.