In the Moment with Diabetes

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In the Moment with Diabetes

August 16, 2010

This past weekend I ventured back to my hometown of Hickory, NC to emcee my cousin’s wedding reception.  It was a simple affair, but it still required a lot of work to get everything set up.  We spent the day on Saturday setting up the reception area and running last minute errands for the guests of honor.  I recall my pump beeping on Saturday morning to alert me that I had less than 20 units left, but I blew it off in the midst of the reception chaos.

Guests began arriving and the reception started at 5pm.  By 5:30pm, dinner was served and we were all seated.  I knew I needed to eat quickly because I would be needed on stage shortly to announce the next portion of the reception.  I began eating macaroni and cheese and a small roll.  Then, I pulled out my pump to dose my insulin.  (I like to taste the food first in an unfamiliar setting to ensure I am going to eat it before taking my insulin.  I realize that is not recommended, but we all have our own way of doing things!)  Immediately, I was overcome with fear…my pump was in…NO INSULIN!  And I still had an entire reception to emcee.  My husband, Chris, was singing at the reception, so he wasn’t an option to return to my parent’s house and retrieve my pump supplies.  I looked to my mom and explained that I just realized that my pump was empty and I couldn’t possibly make it through the event without insulin.  After some brief discussion, my father was chosen to retrieve my pump supplies from the house.  I went on with emceeing and forgot about the insulin fiasco.  My dad returned about 30 minutes later with pump supplies in hand---MY HERO! J  I quickly changed my supplies and refueled on insulin (blousing to cover for the macaroni and cheese) during the bride and groom’s first dance.  At the end of the reception, I checked my blood sugar: 104, I couldn’t believe it!  I actually was expecting it to be a little high. 

After the reception, a group of us returned to my parent’s house to play Wii, drink a few drinks, and have fun.  Earlier in the week, my sister, Candace, challenged me to a “Dance Off” on the Just Dance game.  After the first round, I had a low blood sugar.  I proceeded to eat something and went back to playing.  After the next round, I had a repeat low blood sugar. (Guess I should have known this would happen!)  I drank some juice this time and took off my pump.  I went on to play about 5 more rounds—and earn the title of “Dance-Off Champion.” 

To a woman who does not have diabetes, the story of this blood sugar roller coaster ride is surely unfathomable.  But, to those of us who have lived with diabetes for a while (all of my Sisters!)….it’s all in a day’s work…diabetes work, that is.  Most people have no idea what we go through on a daily basis to keep our blood sugars in a fairly tight range.  As women, we find ways to seamlessly fit diabetes into our daily routine of multi-tasking and that deserves some acknowledgement and appreciation!  So, here’s to us Ladies living successfully with diabetes!