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More Testing

So I’m in my 29th week of this pregnancy and boy have things changed!


I went for my OB appointment this past Thursday and while everything is going well as far as they can see, I have been started on twice-weekly NSTs (Non-Stress Test). This is where I go in and they hook up two monitors to my belly – one for measuring the baby’s heartbeat and the other for measuring contractions (EEK! Sounds bad, but it’s really not. You have contractions all throughout your pregnancy, but they monitor you closely the closer you are to your due date to make sure they aren’t intense enough or frequent enough to worry about).


We did the first one Thursday right after my appointment. It took a little while to do because I hadn’t eaten all morning (wasn’t expecting to have to stay!) since they usually get a fasting bg reading when I go for morning appointments. You are encouraged to eat or drink before coming because it kind of wakes the baby up and gets them moving making for a shorter visit. Which held true this morning. I ate a good breakfast and went on my way. Last time, the testing was for just over an hour. This time it was only about 45-50 minutes. Granted, breakfast is my hardest meal to bolus for since I stay high so long afterwards ( even if I prebolus 45 minutes ahead!), but I’ll just have to keep trying foods until I find something I know won’t mess me up too awful bad. I’ll have to say though. I thought I’d be bored out of my mind, but being able to sit beside the machine that is echoing my baby’s heartbeat is really an awesome thing. Instead of reading or anything, I just sat back, closed my eyes and listened in awe. This really is the most wonderful thing I have ever done in spite of having diabetes, apart from getting married, of course! (If you want to see the monitor and hear the heartbeats, click here.)


My bgs this past week are a different story though. They have been more out of control than I’d like to admit. I hate looking at the meter and hoping for a nice 120 something and seeing a big fat 180 or 230 come up on that screen. The worst part? Sure, you worry about being high and how it affects the baby… but you know that thing that happens when you’re high? That insatiable hunger that makes you feel icky but you want to eat nothing but sweets all because your brain is saying “HEYY!! I NEED GLUCOSE!!”, not knowing you already have a ton of it in your system because you’re insulin dosage wasn’t right? Yeah. That’s SO hard to deal with. So not only am I chugging regular or flavored water, I’m also doing everything I can do avoid snacks and sweets when I’m the least bit out of range because (a) I know that’s not going to make the “hunger” go away and (2) it’s just going to cause me to take more insulin and stay high longer… especially now.


I’ll be faxing in my bgs to my endo tomorrow because I need a little help figuring out what I need to change. I know some basals may need changing, but I’m thinking some food ratios and correction ratios may need changing too. I’ll keep you guys updated as much as I can, and hopefully get back on track to posting on Saturdays or Sundays so you can read on the weekends or if you’re a bright-eyed-Monday-morning reader. J


Take care!