Nesting is No Joke

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Nesting is No Joke

My induction is officially scheduled for November 11th!! I can’t believe in less than 5 weeks I will meet my little guy.  Sometimes, 5 weeks seems like forever and other times I can’t believe that is all I have left.  To say that nesting has taken over my life is an understatement. 

It all started two weekends ago.  My neighbors threw me a baby shower on Friday night (two weeks after my aunt threw me one for family and friends), so I officially had the baby showers out of the way.  On Saturday, I woke up and decided I needed to go out to the baby stores and buy everything that I didn’t get at the baby showers that I would need for the first few weeks of baby’s arrival.  It was an exhausting weekend of shopping. 

All of the shopping led to a marathon weekend of nesting this past weekend.  My husband and I got the baby’s nursery all set up.  We washed all of the sheets, clothes, blankets, etc.  We reorganized and cleaned various rooms to be more baby friendly.  We even unfolded the stroller, something that took probably longer to figure out than it should have.  We went pretty crazy nesting but I am feeling pretty prepared for baby now. 

The one “downside” to all of the nesting was that I was way more active these past two weekends than I have been in a while.  Prior to my nesting, I had been seeing insulin resistance creeping up in a big way.  However this past weekend with all of the activity from nesting, I struggled to have my blood sugar stay above 70mg/dls.  This made me really worried because I had heard that low blood sugars could be a symptom of placenta failure.  I decided that baking and eating cupcakes would be a good test to see if my blood sugars stayed that low.  “Luckily” they didn’t.  I’m sort of joking.  I really did make cupcakes but I called my doctor first to check to see if I needed to be worried.  She agreed with me that the low blood sugars were most likely because of my activity level and as long as I wasn’t seeing a drastic drop in my insulin requirements and baby was still pretty active, I didn’t need to be too worried.  The cupcakes, by the way, were delicious but don’t worry, my husband helped me eat them. 

My house is feeling really prepared now for baby to make his arrival.  My husband and I still haven’t picked out a name for him yet so I’m hoping that will be the next step.  We will be interviewing a pediatrician today so hopefully that goes well and we will have another item off of our baby to-do list.  I’m going to the regular OB and the high risk OB each once a week now and so far baby looks to be doing well.  I’m technically 34 weeks and 5 days, but baby is measuring at 37 weeks.  The high risk OB was concerned my big baby was due to my diabetes control but I got my A1C tested again last week and it was 5.5, which the high risk OB was very happy with so I think the big baby is merely a result of gentics (my husband and I were both big babies).  I don’t get another growth scan until next week though so I am a little concerned with how big he might be.  However, on the biophysical profile (non-stress test plus ultrasound evaluation), he is getting perfect scores so that is comforting to know.  In five weeks I will be holding my little man and I can’t wait!