A New Outlook for 2015

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A New Outlook for 2015

When I last posted in November 2014, I was feeling rundown, tired and unmotivated. I received many messages from you, offering me support and encouragement: THANK YOU. I am happy to report that after a few weeks of rest and family time, I feel energerized and motivated. 

For me, 2015 is a special year, as I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday. When I was in my 20s, 40 seemed really far away. But now that I am nearing the big day, I find myself feeling rejuvenated and excited for what's coming. I've already tackled some personal goals for 2015 including cleaning out some closets as well as my kitchen pantry, getting my car detailed, continuing my workout regime and carving family time. Diabetes-wise, I've (re)started using my Dexcom CGM system after a two month break and am continuing to fine-tune my treatment plan (I had a great report in December 2014, but there's always room for improvement, right?).

On the DiabetesSisters front, I'm really excited to start this new year. Our PODS Meetup Program is growing so quickly, with three new locations being added in the first two months of the year (Berkeley, CA; Kern County, CA; Durham, NC)! I'm always amazed, although not surprised, at the dedicated women volunteers that step up to lead our meetup groups and take a leadership role within the organization. We have been working on new eduational materials that will be rolled out this year in our meetups, topics that YOU have asked for. So if you regularly attend our monthly meetups, be on the lookout for new educational modules. And if you haven't been to a meetup, please check our online calendar to see where there is a meeting scheduled near you; if there are none, please join us online at our Virtual PODS Meetup. 

We also have a few more things "simmering" in the office, but not ready to share of all it. Just know that we work for YOU, to provide all women living with diabetes the education and support they need to live the best life possible. Happy 2015 - make this a great year!