New Perspective on A1c

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New Perspective on A1c

I was a little disappointed last week. I had a diabetes check-up with my PCP and my A1c increased slightly from 5.9 to 6.1.  

I know I’m harder on myself than anyone. In fact when my PCP walked into the room he said “I have nothing…keep up the good work”. But when I saw the A1c results my heart sank…the A1c results don’t coincide with the blood glucose readings I have been recording.   I have a new meter coming, so I will check to see if I’m getting different readings than my current meter.   My current “purse” meter is only a year old…I’m replacing my “home” meter because the battery finally died after 3 years. I decided to get an OneTouch UltraMini….I thought it would be easier to carry in my purse.  If anyone has this meter I would love to hear your comments.

My good friend also reminded that other factors besides diet and exercise play a role in controlling diabetes, so maybe job stress is the culprit. I’m trying to finish some work assignments before a new employee starts with whom I have to train. I also learned that my neighbor who has liver cancer is not doing well. The experimental drug therapy did not shrink the tumors. Her situation reminds me of my mom. My mom lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 55. She has 2 grown kids both younger than 30. I hope for a miracle so she can she see her kids get married and hold her grandchildren.   

Well…I guess that puts a new perspective on my A1c.