New Year, New Me?

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New Year, New Me?

It's January again. Time for resolutions to be made (and broken), gym membership promotions, nutrition ads, and the catch phrase "New Year, New You". What do they mean by New Year, New You? Are they telling me that the old me should be left behind with the old year? Am I not good enough for this new year? Am I to be traded in for this year's model? 

As a person, I try to better myself all the time. As a woman, mom, wife, friend, teacher, and person living with Type 2 diabetes. I'm not perfect. Far from it. It doesn't matter how much experience I have. For many years, I've gotten on the resolution bandwagon only to be overzealous and fall short. Of course then I beat myself up for not following through with my resolutions. Of course then it seems that everyone tries to console me telling me that no one keeps their resolutions. If no one keeps them, why do we make them?

This year instead of making resolutions I made a goal. Just one goal. People usually encourage goals versus the discouragement or at least lack of encouragement that resolutions seem to get. My one goal? To do things that make me happy.

That seems simple, but is it really? Is it really that easy to decide to focus on myself and make sure I'm happy? As a wife, mother, teacher, and friend, so often I focus on making others happy. Often at the expense of my own happiness. Quite often I feel guilty for doing things for myself. If I decide to get myself a soda, you can almost guarantee that one of my children will want some. Even though I want it for myself, I'll let them have some to make them happy. A little snack? Same. Quiet reading time in my recliner? More than likely there will be a kid already parked there, but I'll leave things be to keep them happy. 

Since making the goal to do things that make me happy, I've actually started saying no. No, you can't have some of my soda. Please go to another chair or couch so I can have time in my recliner. Sorry, but I'll be home a little later tonight so I can go to the gym and exercise.

Yes, I still feel some guilt as I strive balance between taking care of others and allowing myself the happiness I deserve. No one said this life would be easy, but it's worth it.