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Nice to Meet You!

Heather Gabel


Nice to Meet You!

 By: Heather Gabel


I don't believe we have been formally introduced! Hello and nice to meet you. My name is Heather Gabel and I am new to the DiabetesSisters team. At the beginning of August I joined the staff as program assistant. I will be working along side Anna Norton to make sure that DiabetesSisters continues to serve your needs as a community of strong women living (or loving someone) with diabetes.

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 11, and have been pumping since 2013. My initial feeling post-diagnosis was one of injustice. The experience of isolation following soon after. Moved by that sense of injustice and isolation, I began finding my voice and aptitude for social action.  Whether it be creating support groups, mentorship programs, fundraisers, etc., changing the experience of living with diabetes has been my passion. As a woman with diabetes, I have found solace in hearing from supermoms who manage to be a mother and have diabetes, from courageously honest women who share their experiences with disordered eating. I am so looking forward to getting to know you during my time here. I am eager to take in your wisdoms and share my own. 

Before starting here I worked at the Diabetes Hands Foundation, so this isn't my first walk around the diabetes online community block. I am currently a Ph.D student in Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Illinois, Chicago and will be feeding you relevant information that I learn along the way.  I hope that I am able to serve your needs, hopes and dreams.

My work as DiabetesSisters is to assist you and your interactions with everything DiabetesSisters related. So, reach out! I am here for you. 

My email address is and twitter handle is @heathergabel. 



Nice to meet you, too, Heather! I just posted the Reno PODS October meeting date, and somehow it's showing up twice in the calendar! Sorry about that. Maybe you can fix it. I'm afraid that if I try to delete one, both will disappear.
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