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No Get Up and Go Syndrome

August 9, 2011

Hello Ladies.  Hope everyone is doing okay and not overexerting yourself in the heat.  I was so hot this week-end, i got in my 3 year old grandson's kiddie swimming pool with him.  The water was so cold and it felt great.  Of course, he loves to spray you with the water hose and giggles the whole time.  The more you squeal, the more he sprays you.  I did get some exercise running from him with the water hose...  actually lots.


I did not accomplish my exercise as i had planned.  However, all is not lost, i did locate the zumba dvds.  That must count as some form of exercise, right?  I was up and down the stairs and digging through suitcases and bags to find them.  I had a short week at home this week.  We went to Lake Lure, NC for my husband's annual golf tournament on Friday morning.  I was quite surprised when the golf club's restaurant had delicious and low calorie meals.  We had waldorf salad for lunch, along with wheat bread with turkey, ham and roast beef sandwiches and fruit.  I tried to do good and not overeat.  I didn't make it to breakfast on Saturday morning.  When my husband's alarm went off at 5:45, i pulled the sheet up over my head and went back to sleep. I had only gotten  3 hours of sleep on Thursday night.  Of course i overslept and only had an hour and a half to pack and get ready.  Talk about racing around the house.  I was smokin'.

I also have sleep apnea, so not allowing enough time for sleep, makes for a double whammy.  How many of you ladies have aleep apnea?  I knew that i had it for a very long time, before i found the right folks to work with me.  The first time i went through the sleep study, i couldn't go to sleep.  It took 2 hours to get hooked up and by that time the guy in the room next to me was sawing alot of logs for the winter.   I think he had sawed enough for the entire building before the night was over.  Since I couldn't read or watch tv, i flipped and flopped, huffed and puffed.  It was also difficult for me to fall asleep knowing that i was being "watched".  No diagnosis.  Once I started seeing my wonderful physician, she sent me for another study. It didn't take as long to get hooked up and i could watch TV.  Yeah.  They determined that i had severe apnea.  As my doctor stated "Very serious".  I knew it was bad, because I rarely ever dreamed.  I know this is like a vicious circle, the less you sleep, the higher your sugar and the more weight you gain.  The more weight you gain, the less amount of time you sleep.  All working to increase your blood sugar levels. 

I still continue to have some issues, but i keep working through those.  Finding the correct mask that fits and works for you, is next to impossible.  I kept telling the technicians that something wasn't correct with the pressure.  I got my doctor to give them a call to check it out.  They now have a new type of CPAP, that can measure the levels and adjust the pressure as you need it.  Guess what, the pressure for my machine was adjusted from a 7 to 17.  A huge huge difference.  While i still don't get enough rest time, i get more now than I used to.  I wake up with my pillows all across the room.  Guess that means I am still fighting in my sleep. I think i must need to eat some wheaties, so i can finally win one!!!  If any of you are struggling to sleep, i would highly recommend you go for a sleep study.  My husband doesn't like my machine because it blows cold air on him constantly.  I think it is heaven as it helps to keep me cooler at night. I have used my machine every night for the last 5 years. 

I better sign off for now and hope that I have some good news next week.  Maybe I will actually put the zumba dvds in the dvd player and try a few moves.  Until then, take care and muwah.