"No Sign of Diabetes"

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"No Sign of Diabetes"

Those words mean more and more to mean every year.  Every year since my 15th year living with diabetes, I have felt a little anxiety about going in for my annual eye check-up.  Why?  Well, I was told when I was diagnosed that I would start to see diabetes complications in my eyes by Year 15.  Of course, being a teenager at the time, I believed this really would happen.  But, they also told me that there would be a cure for diabetes by the year 2000 too—and that sure didn’t happen!

So, now that I'm in my 21st Year with diabetes, I literally did a celebration dance in ophthalmologist’s office when she said those wonderful words, “We see no signs of diabetes in your eyes.”  She went on to say, “I can almost guarantee that you’ll be the best patient we’ll see all day!”  Well, just make my day, why don’t ya! J  Beating the odds is something I relish in, so this is an especially sweet victory for me.  I also take great delight in proving people wrong who have told me that I can’t do something.  When they give me this great news, I see myself figuratively clinking wine glasses with the doctors who told me that information, and saying, “Here’s to diabetes being a health motivator rather than a death sentence- as I was once told.”

I'm getting more and more excited about the fabulous group of women who are flying in from all over the US to take part in the 2011 Weekend for Women Conference in Raleigh, NC on April 29-May 1!  Things are really starting to come together!  Let me just say that the donations we have received for prizes at the Conference are even better than last year!  I’m talking really nice things like- weekend getaways, 1-year gym memberships, lots of high dollar gift cards, gift certificates for haircuts, manicures, and pedicures, specialized purses for women with diabetes, and many more.  The vendors in the Exhibit Hall are planning some pretty elaborate, interactive booths and the speakers are putting together some fabulous talks that get to the heart of being a woman with diabetes.  We are having a really special dinner program on Saturday night that will make each and every woman in attendance feel special and on Sunday we are holding our first orange:will advocacy walk.  There is so much going on, so much good food, so many fun activities, and so many fun women with diabetes from all over the US in attendance—I don’t know why any woman with diabetes could bare to miss it!

Oh- and before I go, my good friend Kelly Close is doing a contest on her website, diatribe, to win a FREE Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor Starter Kit (receiver, transmitter, and four pack of sensors).  If you’ve been thinking/wondering about the CGM, here’s your chance to have one of your own.  The contest ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t registered, you can do so here.