November, A Month to Give Thanks

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November, A Month to Give Thanks

As I sit and write today I am surrounded by the beautiful colors of Fall. Brilliant shades of burnt orange, red, gold and hues of green against a blue and white cloud filled sky. I know these colors make me happy as they usher in a season of being cozy and comfortable inside.

Also, November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday I have always loved. So, in the spirit of thanksgiving I want to express my feelings of gratitude. I am grateful to all the new friends I have made thru Diabetes Sisters and at the PODS of Princeton, NJ.  Thru our group I have found what had been missing- like minded peers who offer emotional support, valuable information, problem solving and endless encouragement.

This last meeting we discussed improving our communication about diabetes with our families. It was so affirming to think this challenge thru together. We all agreed that we must ask for what we need. We must not be afraid to be assertive and clear. We must be our own best advocate. And if we can model healthy behavior, like cooking and eating healthier food we not only provide benefit to ourselves but also to those we love. Also, we can be more open and educate our families about what we have to do to maintain our health.

So, I want to express my gratitude to have found so many fine people who are turning a struggle into something positive. We are turning a problem into a source of friendship and caring and an opportunity for our personal growth.

Wishing you all peace and health,



I share in your gratitude. The Princeton DS group is a lifeline for me. I love everyone in our group and how we all share and care for each others. Thank you, Robin, for this wonderful piece.
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