Obesity- Taking Back Ourselves

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Obesity- Taking Back Ourselves

As I continue my lifelong struggle as as obese person, I now have the benefit of a retospective view. I have thought so often about the WHY: growing up in the height of the diet culture and developing a chronic sense of body dissatisfaction, a genetic predisposition with a long family history of overweight and Type 2 diabetes. I can list them all.

There are so many myths about body weight and size and so much shame, guilt, frustration and self loathing.

Myth 1: Big is Bad. You are bad because you are a failure. You fail at self control and you can't use resist your impulses despite all the explicit consequences.

Myth 2: Thin is Good. The emphasis is on appearance, but what if this is the wrong focus? Perhaps the our concern should be about feeling healthy in your body. Experiencing one's body as vital and filled with energy and a cherished gift to take care of.  Maybe those are more valuable measures.

Myth 3: If you are Big you are not Lovable. I believe we need the opposite to be true. If we want improve our sense of well being we must replace self loathing with self love. Self love and compassion must be our well spring.  Our goal should be self care and not just weight loss.

Myth 4: Quick Change! Instant Fixes! Magic Cures! Recovery from obesity is a total effort that encompasses both psychological and behaviorial change. Lifestyle and habit change occurs over time. It requires giving up what is comfortable. Many people resist change, don't know where to begin , have repeatedly failed or set the wrong goals.

Change must begin with inner commitment and connection to our power to change. It is staying motivated, developing flexibility (you are not perfect!) Eating a cookie is not a crime!!!

So, if you are looking to change to improve your health, where do you begin?

There are many places to start. I have learned that I like to start with nutrition. As diabetics we must understand that our bodies need special care. I have learned my body loves vegetables and small more frequent meals. I am very prone to fatigue and reaching for excessive sugar and carbs just make me feel worse. I try to forgive myself if I have eaten too many high sugar foods and carbs. I have learned what makes me feel better. It is not restricting nor eating mindlessly. I don't want to feel the sluggishnes and fuzzy thinking of high blood sugar or the irritability or depression I can feel or diabetes distress, my emotional pain for not doing what is best for myself.

So, to take back yourself: 1. What do you need to do first? 2. Make it a priority by planning. 3. Get support by educating those around you as how to help (Pizza for dinner is not good for me).

Root yourself in self compassion and stay connected to those who love you and want to help because change doesn't happen in a vacuum.

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This is BRILLIANT Robin!!! Thank you so much for sharing your personal vulnerabilities as well as your profound thoughts and evaluations on what has worked for you in managing your weight, diabetes, and mental framework!!! I'm looking forward to more deep musings on this topic from you and wish you all the support from your dSisters! Karen
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Submitted by KarenRoseTank on Tue, 03/06/2018 - 9:30am

Great post Robin and your three points to getting yourself back is a great road map to changing and improving your health. The mindset is so important and changing ones eating habits is a great start. Also, we don't have to give up what we like when changing our diet. We can still enjoy food with "Eat What You Love Diabetes Cookbook", http://bit.ly/2FjjUj6. Enjoy, Diane
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Submitted by dmfglobal on Tue, 03/06/2018 - 3:39pm

Thank you for sharing this Robin. It is so important for people to hear. I love your comment on how it is not about being big or thin, it is about feeling healthy for yourself! I work with people with diabetes everyday at GlucoseZone and that is one thing I always express to my clients. It is not all about the numbers, it is about the fact that they are showing up to exercise while they are with me and continuing to do things that will make them feel good! The drop in blood sugar numbers is always an added plus! Thank you again for sharing.
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