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Ouch and Ouch

February 9,2012

Well, I had typed up my blog and I don't know what happened (I am sure it is user error on my part)  I would have sworn I hit the save and apply buttons, but I searched and searched and finally gave up 2 days later.  It had totally lost it.  It was of course the best one I have done.  Figures.  Anyway, I have lots to talk about.  Continuing on the gym saga, I had my biometrics and assessment appointment. I had to have my cholesterol checked as part of it.  This guy pulls out this instrument looking thingy  that was thick and long and I mean couple of inches long.  It was what he was going to use to get my blood.  I told him, I like to pass out.  It didn't hurt as bad as it looked, but still ouch.  If I am sticking myself I can get ready.  It seems to hurt me more when someone does it.  Then the worst part begins - my measurements, the pinches for fat (yuck!) my flexibility I have very little)and weight. How can you bend and be flexible when your belly fat is in the way??? When the instructor tells me I have to do push-ups, I said what??? I am complaining and grumbling because it kills me to get down on my knees and then you have to get up.  He gives me so many instructions, I was all contorted.  So he gets down on the floor and shows me how to do them, so I let him...  Ha.  I could only do a few.  So they put all this information together in order to come up with a fitness program designed for me.  They also give this info to the nutritionist, so she can help with the nutritional side. We will also be using my fitness pal.



I had my first meeting with the nutritionist and about 14 other folks.  Thanks goodness there isn't a skinny mini in there.  We are all very fluffy and plump.  When I get the chance, I am going to ask them how many are diabetic and get them interested in Diabetes Sisters.  The best support system  a sister can find.  I have been wearing both of my Diabetes Sister t-shirt and my orange:will. 

As a part of the Healthy Way program, they take all the info from the biometric, cholesterol screenings and put it all together with advice on what you need to work on and if you are in the danger zone.  I knew I was going to be there.  That is why I decided to join up.  If we complete 10 weeks out of 12 and exercise at least 3 times a week, we will get a 30 minute personal visit with the nutritionist, a 30 minute massage and 30 minutes of personal trainer time. I am so excited about that also.  I am on my way - I have been exercising 3 times this week, on the treadmill and weight machines.  I am not brave enough to try a class yet and when I do,I will start with water aerobics and ease myself into something more intense later .  I want to do zumba so bad, but I know I have to be in tip top shape.  Whew.  I am proud though, i have burned 300 calories each time on the treadmill.  I do so much better at the gym than here at home on mine.  I had some good laughs tonight watching the show Wipeout.  The commentators are a pair as well and I didn't know I had walked 2 miles uphill in the heat.  It was so hot in there for me.  I like it freezing.

The instructor for a class on Tuesday night was really loud.  While I changed my clothes, there were so many thumps and bangs on the other side of the wall, that I expected a head to pop through the wall or a body or maybe even the instructor.  I don't know what was happening in that room, but I have to find out what class that was and who the instructor is - I am not taking that one.  No No.  I probably wouldn't make it 5 minutes.  I admit I am a weaking.

My cholesterol wasn't bad at all, it was under where i need to be, but I have to work on both HDL and LDL.  The biggest shocker for me was my triglycerides Terrible  I don't eat fatty foods anymore and I eat whole grains.  I am doing something wrong.  It was 383 and fasting blood sugar level was 338.  Oh boy.  I have gotten my sugar down into the 200's in this week.

On another note, when i explained the nausea to my doctor from the metformin she says some people have a hard time tolerating it. She switched me to the extended release and I haven't been sick the first time!  I am so thankful and I know it will take me awhile to get my levels back down, but I am working on it.   I take the metformin at night and I take my victoza in the morning. 

Well, my sisters, this will probably be my last blog.  There will be a type 2 blogger coming on board very soon.  I have enjoyed this and hope that some of you have also.  I wish the new blogger all the luck in the world.  So until later, I hope to meet some of you at the Conference in May (I can barely wait).  they are fabulous and enlightening. Until then, muwah.